Chest of Colors team

Chest of Colors used to be a team of Polish painters who are gathered around this website and are involved in running it. It was founded by Mahon and Ana, who invited several friends to the group. Demi_morgana and DiaCon were the first painters invited to the Chest of Colors group. Later others followed and so the group grew in numbers.

Members of Chest of Colors can be considered the hosts or the staff at this website, and are active members of miniature painting community.

Later we reorganized the group, allowing people from any country to join, and redefined the group’s purpose. Now the Chest of Colors team is the group of people who run the website, work for its popularity and improvement. To describe it in a different way, the members of Chest of Colors are the authors here. Some of them are also accept commissions, but it’s only in addition to being active authors of this website.

This being said, the Chest of Colors team can be considered the hosts or the staff at this website and are some of the most active members of our miniature painting community.

Members of the Chest of Colors team

Let’s take a look at the current members of the team:



Ana is one of the founders of this website, winner of many awards in miniature painting competitions, and currently one of the most recognized and popular miniature painters.

Known for her colorful style and fine freehand decorations painted on her miniatures.

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If you’ve ever seen painted Adeptus Custodes models, chances are these were done by Benathai, as Custodians are the thing which made him so recognizable.

But orks and harlequins are much closer to his heart, although he currently wandered into the realm of historical miniatures.

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If there’s something to build or convert, Calamity is the man for the task! Not surprisingly, as he developed a certain skill set in his wargaming years!

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Games Workshop had its red period, JerzyK had his blue. 😉
Currently one of our most prolific painters with a very distinctive style.

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Kacpero used to be a member of our team before, but serious everyday matters made him suspend his Chest of Colors activity.
Fortunately now he’s ready to strike back!


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The founder and admin of this website. Formerly a very active painter, unfortunately much less prolific these days… Being the admin has its disadvantages. Known for his weird taste for strange or ugly miniatures

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Joined the team in 2017, even though he’s been a friend of the group for many years before.

Frequent participant of our painting workshops and die-hard fan of Radio Rivendell.
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If it’s dark, warped, sinister and… eldritch… you can pretty safely assume it came from Thymos.Theos. Creative mind and skilled hands are a dangerous mix!

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The Honor Guard

Over the years of our activity there have been many people who came to join our team, and many who had to leave. Some of them made such a huge impact on our history and community, that we would like to keep them included here, even though they are not active Chest of Colors members anymore.

Meet the Honor Guard, veterans of the hobby and formerly very active members of the team:



His sentiment for strange and unpopular miniatures is second only to Mahon’s. This is reflected by the collection of miniatures in his gallery. Very active participant of the hobby events and competitions, and author of the Chest of Colors Miniature Exchange!

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The man behind the Miniature of the Month and Tale of Gamers events.

Relatively new to the hobby but very involved team member, who can be met at many miniature painting contests.

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Called “perpetuum mobile” for his ability to respond to his own post and discuss without any input from others. 😉 His current fascination is John Blanche’s style painting, which is the inspiration for Slawol’s dark and weathered paintjobs.

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