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My name is Łukasz but you can call me Luke. I’ve been a miniature painter since 2019. Since then I painted a lot of minis and learned many techniques. I also love to convert my minis to make them unique.
In my works I pay attention to the high contrast between shadow and light and to rich and vivid colors.
Each new miniature is always a fresh start to artist’s imagination and creativity and that is my favourite part of the hobby. Feel free to browse my works and I hope you will like them.

Selected awards and achievements

  • to be updated

Availability for commissions

I am only interested in commissions involving:

  • Any kind of commisions but Warhammer 40k miniatures are my favourite

Examples of levels

  • Level 3:
Saurian Veteran on Tyrannosaurus
Saurian Veteran on Tyrannosaurus (level 3)

Level 2:

Ghostly Battle Sisters squad
Ghostly Battle Sisters squad (level 2)

Level 1:

Adepta Sororitas army
Adepta Sororitas squad (level 1)

Featured works

I will add some soon…

My works

Visit my gallery to see my works.