Grimdark Space Wolves army (Blackmanes company): Wolf Guard Terminators

Painting Grimdark Space Wolves: Blackmanes Army Ready For War!

When it comes to the Space Wolves, their fierce and valorous nature is legendary. We are showcasing some of the armies we have painted, so we thought you might want to see the Blackmanes army. The Blackmanes are a Space Wolves great company. Our artist Thymos.Theos was the best choice for this project of painting grimdark Space Wolvesbecause of his fondness of the grimdark style.

This project, completed in two waves, achieved a gritty, grimdark aesthetic that encapsulates the chapter’s ferocity and history. Full of pop culture references and character homages, this army tells a rich story both on and off the battlefield. Let’s look into the details of this incredible project.

What is Grimdark?

The term “grimdark” originates from the Warhammer 40,000 universe, describing a setting that is dark, dystopian, and morally complex. In miniature painting, grimdark refers to a style that emphasizes weathering, battle-worn details, muted colors, and an overall sense of bleakness. Achieving this look requires a mastery of techniques such as washes, dry-brushing, and stippling. Thymos.Theos expertly applied these methods to create a truly immersive and realistic Space Wolves army.

Painting Grimdark Space Wolves: The Blackmanes Overview

The Space Wolves Blackmanes chapter is renowned for being the first to cleanse heretics, with their deeds often overlooked for the greater good of the Imperium. In this commissioned project, Thymos.Theos captured their brutal efficiency and fierce loyalty through a lens of the grimdark style. Complete with deliberate weathering and battle wear.

Grimdark Space Wolves army (Blackmanes company): second wave
Grimdark Space Wolves army (Blackmanes company): second wave
Grimdark Space Wolves army (Blackmanes company): first wave
Grimdark Space Wolves army (Blackmanes company): first wave

First Wave: Unleashing the Wolves

As we have mentioned, the project was split into two waves. The first one included all the more urgently needed units. Like the following:

  • Thunderwolf Cavalry: This unit features a reference to Max Rockatansky from Mad Max. The gritty, battle-worn aesthetic complements the grimdark style, and the weapon and bare arm make the reference more visible.
  • Venerable Dreadnought: Homage to Enter the Dragon is evident in the stylized claws. Weathering techniques make this dreadnought look like a veteran of countless battles.
  • Wolf Guard Terminators: With nods to Blain from Predator and Logan / Wolverine from Marvel comics, these terminators boast a fierce and rugged appearance. Their armor is chipped and battle-tested, reflecting their veteran status.
  • Grey Hunters: Featuring tributes to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and He-Man, these units highlight individualistic traits while maintaining a cohesive battle-worn look.
  • Ragnar Blackmane: The leader of the first wave, painted with detailed attention to his armor and weaponry, showcasing a lord ready to lead his pack into the fray.

Second Wave: Expanding the Legends

Obviously, the first wave was only the beginning. So the army soon became expanded with:

  • Wulfen Units: References to Daniel LaRusso from Karate Kid and Ken Masters from Street Fighter make these feral warriors stand out. Their torn, grimdark appearance emphasizes their bestial transformation.
  • Thunderwolf Cavalry: With inspirations from Viking heroes and gods like Odin, Thor, Ull the Hunter and Erik the Red, these units capture the ferocity of ancient warriors reimagined for the 41st millennium.
  • Terminator Units: These terminators are some of the most unique concepts in this army, as they match 15 Knights of the Round Table. Thymos.Theos converted them using Grey-Knights-themed parts, and gave each legendary knight his personal heraldry. The grimdark style emphasizes their valorous and heroic past.
  • Assault Centurions: Now, these are an unusual addition to the army. They are supposed to become leaders for the Terminator units, and they feature homages to Hulk Hogan, Zawisza the Black, and King Arthur, these leaders command attention with their detailed and weathered armor.
  • Rune Priest: Basically a shaman of this pack. His mystical aura is captured through subtle, elemental detailing fitting the grimdark theme.
  • Arjac Rockfist: Paying tribute to Mr. T as Clubber Lang from Rocky 3 and B. A. Baracus, this dark-skinned warrior emanates raw power and determination.
  • Wolf Lord Krom: Converted to Cyber-Conan, this homage combines Conan the Barbarian’s savagery with cybernetic enhancements, making him a formidable presence.

Done, Not Based?

Thymos.Theos’ stunning work on the Blackmanes chapter is an outstanding example of painting grimdark Space Wolves. Each miniature, rich with pop culture references and grimdark detailing, tells a story of valor, brutality, and resilience.

Though left blank at the customer’s request, the bases further immerse these figures in their harsh, war-torn reality. Who knows, maybe some of you are lucky enough to encounter this army in battle and see it with completed bases? Something we couldn’t see and show.

Grimdark Space Wolves Can Look Impressive

We are thrilled to present Thymos.Theos’ completed Space Wolves Blackmanes army, a project that beautifully captures the grimdark aesthetic. We really wish more people requested this style for their armies, because all the clean and factory-new armies are becoming boring, aren’t they?

If you’re inspired by this incredible display and wish to see your own miniatures transformed with such meticulous detail, consider our miniature painting service.

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