ABOUT Calamity



Painting since

Long long time, but with no photos to prove it. 😉

About myself

I started as a kid, with 1:72 scale tanks, but it was hard to play with them alongside toy soldiers and not inflict damage on the work done. So I found tanks and toy soldiers that were meant to be played with after assembly and painting.
When you have an expensive hobby and a limited budget, it makes you develop a specific mindset and set of abilities – repurpose, renew, restore, rejoice!
My fondness for postapocalypse, neo noir and cyberpunk (the more obscure, the better) only made it worse.
After almost more than a decade of creating and gaming, it’s time to get out of the cellar, aye!

Selected awards and achievements

  • to be added

Availability for commissions

I am only interested in commissions involving:

  • Like the Iron Warriors Legion and Orks I play, I’m not picky. 😉
  • Modeling: complex model conversion, dioramas, scenic bases, wargaming terrain.
  • Painting: level 1-2 squad and army painting.

Examples of levels

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My works

Visit my gallery to see my works.