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Former Mixed Dimensions Studios painter with 15 years experience in painting and modelling, mostly Games Workshop stuff.

Started with Lord of the Rings miniatures as a teenager, then turned to grimdark of Warhammer 40.000. After some break, came back to the hobby to join MxD ranks. Now focusing on Warhammer Fantasy skirmish games – Warhammer: Underworlds and WarCry, with a huge dose of love to the classic Mordheim style. Also a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons and Lovecraft.

I love converting minis, basing them and giving them any kind of individuality.
My works are often inspired by old horror movies and doom metal music, but I always try to stay open-minded for any expressions of art and new techniques.

My favourite themes are: every manifestation of chaos and heresy (especially Tzeentch), grimdark and mythology.

Selected awards and achievements

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Availability for commissions

I am only interested in commissions involving:

  • any kind of comissions, but highly customized warbands are definately my favourite format.

Examples of levels

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My works

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