About Nameless




Painting since

mid 90’s

About myself

Fan of everything related to fantasy – books, movies, games… I satisfy my creative needs by painting minis and writing RPG scenarios – pity I use any of them for actual gaming very rarely.

I paint minis ’cause it’s fun. I aim at variety, changing my painting subjects all the time, switching between companies (too many to mention them all), genres (pure fantasy, sf, historical), scales (15/28/54mm, sometimes bigger), races (elves, dwarfs, human, undead, demons…) and types (single minis, dioramas, busts).

Judge of few painting contests in Poland (Golden Demon, Slayer of Demons, Słoneczniki Van Gorka, Hussar); I also helped to prepare rules for some of these fine competitions.

Official paintjob(s) for MaxMini; some of works were used by Reaper in their online store to show painted examples of their minis.

Author of the Nameless Painter blog.

Selected awards and achievements

  • Newbold’s 1st Creative Event of 2009 – 2nd place
  • WAMP Gamezone Painting Contest – 2nd place
  • WAMP Pegaso Painting Contest – 2nd place
  • Reaper Winter Painting Competition – 2nd place
  • Wamped 2010, Urban Mammoth category – 1st place
  • Modelling Festival Bytom 2011 – medal
  • Grey Seer 2011, Large Model – honourable mention
  • Grey Seer 2011, Single Fantasy Model – 3rd place
  • Grey Seer 2011, Open Category – 3rd place
  • Modelling Festival Bytom 2012 – medal
  • Reaper Forum Spring 2012 Painting Contest: 1st place in Diorama Category
  • Bloodbath Painting Competition at CMON – 1st place
  • Speed Painting Contest at Hussar 2012 – 2nd place
  • WAMP Monthly: February 2013 – Three Colours! – 1st place
  • Reaper Forum Painting Excuses Winter Wonderland 2012/13 – 2nd place in Decorative Base Category
  • Judge at Słoneczniki Van Gorka
  • Judge at Golden Demon Poland 2007 and 2008
  • Judge at Slayer of Demons 2009
  • Judge at Hussar 2010 and 2011

Availability for commissions

I am only interested in commissions involving:

  • interesting minis… See “About myself” section above for my preferences. Single minis, though small and varied group/unit might be fun, too.

Featured works

These are a few selected works that I consider noteworthy:

Stormwing the Dragon

Dragon Hunter Mordred

Gotrek Gurnisson

Templar Knight, XIII century

Examples of levels

Level 4

I Cry When Angels Deserve to Die,  ver. 1.01


Alert! Subject FM-78 on the Run!

Level 3

Vampire Gabriel


Level 2

Elementalist Mage

Ray the Zombie Hunter

Level 1

Elf Archer Lorielle

Spirit Hosts

My works

Visit my gallery to see my works.