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What is better than painting miniatures? Painting miniatures with a good company! For me this hobby is not only about creating beatiful things but also about meeting great people. I’m enjoying painting with my friends and trying to put to my works as much positive energy as I can.

Selected awards and achievements

  • Golden Demon Poland (2007) – Lord of the Rings: silver
  • Golden Demon Poland (2008) – Lord of the Rings: finalist / honorable mention
  • Slayer of Daemon (2009) – fantasy single model: gold
  • Slayer of Daemon (2009) – sci-fi single model: finalist / honorable mention
  • 1st Infinity painting contest at Wargamer.pl: gold
  • Golden Demon Italy (2010) – Warhammer 40K warmachine: silver
  • Hussar (2011) – diorama: finalist / honorable mention
  • Judge at Grey Seer (2010)
  • Judge at Grey Seer (2011)
  • CMoN Contest 30 – Wrath of Kings, first place (2015)

Availability for commissions

I am only interested in commissions involving:

  • to be updated

Examples of levels

  • to be updated

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