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Sea.man (also known as czlowiek.morze on Polish forums)

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About myself

I am almost 30 years old and live in Munich, home of the famous Oktoberfest. Professionally I am a software engineer.

I am relatively new to this hobby, but now it has turned out to be a great way to spend free time and travelling destination for painting competitions. Before registering at Chest of Colors I only knew Games Workshop miniatures, but after that my eyes opened. I found great companies like Rackham, Asmodee, Cipher Studios, Pegaso, Andrea. Now I try to paint everything that gives me fun.

My miniature interests are in painting armies, skirmish warbands and large scale models.

At the forum you can see me active in ‘Miniature of the Month’ and ‘Tale of Gamers’ sections. Live you can meet me at painting competitions like Hussar or Duke of Bavaria.

Selected awards and achievements

  • won several local competitions in Wroclaw
  • Hussar (2011): Honorable mention in large scale model category

Featured works

These are a few selected works that I consider noteworthy:

My works

Visit my gallery to see my works.

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