Marine Life

Dive into Marine Life with Marta’s Spectacular Underwater Diorama

While painting is the core of our work, sometimes we get to work on larger projects, like dioramas. Today, we are thrilled to showcase a unique diorama titled “Marine Life,” masterfully crafted by our talented artist Marta. This vibrant underwater scene features the head of Yundun, a dragon from Karol Rudyk Art. It reimagines the formidable creature as an underwater predator reminiscent of a barracuda or moray eel. This piece was part of Marta’s display at the Kontrast 2024 painting festival, where it earned her an honorable mention.

The Concept

Creating an intricate and lively diorama like “Marine Life” is no small feat. When Marta set out to bring this underwater world to life, her goal was to fuse the fantastical elements of the dragon with the vivid realism of a thriving coral reef. The result is a breathtaking composition that captures the imagination and showcases her artistry.

Marine Life with a Multitude of Colors

Marta employed a variety of advanced painting techniques and materials to achieve the stunning depth and vibrancy of this diorama. The base elements of the coral reefs were meticulously sculpted and painted to mimic the diverse textures and colors found in real marine ecosystems. The palette of colors is bright and saturated, and it reflects the richness of the underwater world.

The colors change from a broad palette to shades of blue as we look deeper into the sea.

Marine Life
Marine Life


Building “Marine Life” posed several challenges. The most significant of them was the integration of the fantastical dragon head into a realistic underwater environment. Maintaining the balance between realism and fantasy required careful planning and execution.

Marta overcame this by using a cohesive color palette and ensuring that the textures of the dragon head matched those of the surrounding corals and marine life. This approach not only unified the scene but also highlighted the otherworldly presence of the dragon without making it feel out of place.


We’re excited to share this extraordinary diorama with our community and potential clients. If “Marine Life” has inspired you to commission your own custom diorama or miniature, visit our painting service page to discover how our team of skilled artists can bring your vision to life.

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