About Us

Welcome to my website, Guest! – that’s how visitors were greeted on the first version of what later became this website… And since then we are always glad to see new people here, at the Chest of Colors!

If you came to this website, you probably know what it is all about. But in case you don’t know about the hobby of painting miniatures, let us explain it to you a bit.

Miniature painting hobby

Collections of small figurines and miniature armies were something that many noble and royal courts took their pride in!

Yes, we are aware that you may be surprised and amused to find that grownups are playing about collecting and painting toy soldiers. That’s not new to us, we got used to it. But it’s not really as geeky as you may think.

Creating small figures to represent various charcters is nothing new. In fact it’s about as old as the human kind. And collections of small figurines and miniature armies were something that many noble and royal courts took their pride in! And since then little toy soldiers remained a part of our culture.

You may be thinking about the ugly green plastic army men or horrible rubber monstrosities. No way! Currently miniatures are often worthy of being considered works of art. But we’ll get to it in a moment…

Wargaming and RPG

People who sculpt miniatures are often real masters of sculpting. Modern casting technologies allow to produce models of impressive quality and detailing.

When fantasy, science-fiction, warghaming and role playing games became popular, miniatures were made to cover these genres and subjects. This way people could collect miniature representations of their Warhammer armies, fellowships of the ring, Star Wars characters, etc. And many of these people wanted to have their miniatures painted.

Some people enjoyed gaming more than painting, while others focused of the painting aspect of the hobby. This way the painting hobby started to live its own life, not unlike what historical modellers do. With improving their skills, meeting at conventions and exhibitions and participating in competitions.

Currently the quality of available miniatures is much better than ever before! People who sculpt miniatures are often real masters of sculpting, and modern casting technologies allow to produce models of impressive quality and detailing. Miniatures are now available in many scales, ranging from 2mm (great to represent huge armies, but nearly worthless for a painter) through the most popular 25-34mm (which means a human model is about an inch tall) to as big as 120 or 200mm.

Of course these are only some of the most popular scales, but it shows how diverse hobby it can be!

Modest beginnings

Figurki Mahonia, the predecessor of ChestOfColors, was one of the first Polish websites about painting miniatures.

Miniatures became popular in Poland in the ’90s. Of course there were people who knew about the hobby and collected and painted miniatures even before this time, but the ’90s were when miniatures became more popular in Poland.

Figurki Mahonia - precedessor of Chest of ColorsSoon people started looking for information about their hobby in the internet, and showing their works online. While there were quite a few international websites about miniature painting, there were very few Polish websites.

One of the first ones was “Figurki Mahonia” (mahon.prv.pl), which started in 2002. It was not the first Polish miniature painting website, but it gets a special mention as it was the precedessor of our current website.

It was very modest and was little more than a gallery of painted miniatures and collection of tutorials and links, but for its time it was good enough. Then Mahon joined the Headblast Design team with many painters of great reuptation at that time (like Sascha Buczek “Goatman“, Alessio Cisbani “Wolfbane“, Inge Mygind Jensen “Jenova“, Natalya Melnik “Alexi Z“, and Georg Damm “GeOrc“, and others). Influence of this community on what is now Chest of Colors is undeniable…

Chest of Colors is born!


Then in 2003 the ChestOfColors.com website was launched! Initially it was a common website for Mahon’s painted miniatures and clothes designed by Ana. Yes, Ana used to do something very different than now, but it’s been a few years since then already…

In 2004 Headblast Design was abandoned by its founder and coordinator, and we were in dire need of a replacement website, a new home for the community. So we added a forum to our website and invited a few more painters to the team. At this moment it became something very similar to the current concept of this website…

So what is Chest of Colors?

Currently Chest of Colors is one of the largest miniature painting communities online. It is also the name of a team of painters involved in running the website.

Currently Chest of Colors is one of the largest miniature painting communities online. What we all have in common is that we are fans of painted miniatures! Chest of Colors is also the name of the team of painters who can be considered a kind of this website’s staff. Some of them are offering their painting service and are available for commissions. These guys can paint your miniatures if you’re looking for a “hired brush”.

What can be found here

When you spend some time browsing our website, you will easily notice that there’s a lot of interesting content about painting miniatures:

  • Large gallery of painted miniatures. Thanks to variety in styles and skills presented by our artists, you can see a huge range of different paintjobs there. Excellent for inspiration!
  • Collection of articles, including tutorials, reviews, interviews, and reports from miniature-related events and competitions.
  • Choice of news about miniatures, including new releases.
  • Events for the members of our community. Including our favorite Miniature Exchange, painting competitions, and more.
  • Links to websites which should be interested to any miniature painter.
  • Miniature painting service: many of our painters accept commissions or sell their painted miniatures.
  • Forum – the heart and treasury of our community. The place where everybody can ask questions, comment and offer feedback. No matter if they are experts or beginners!

With such an active community and prolific painters, we keep providing more and more new stuff for our visitors to read and watch.

Enjoy the visit!