Miniature Painting Tutorials, Converting Articles and More…

Miniature Painting Tutorials

Painting Tutorials

Who needs miniature painting tutorials? Many painters are not lucky enough to have friends who share their hobbies, or to meet other painters who could teach them how to improve their miniature painting skills. We know it, we’ve been there too…

Now it’s much easier as you can surf the internet in your quest for miniature painting knowledge. Here are some articles in which we share our experience and knowledge with you. It’s not a secret how to paint miniatures. Just check the tutorials and maybe learn something new about painting…

Painting articles

Conversions & Sculpting Tutorials


Converting miniatures is the most exciting part of the hobby for many hobbyists. What is converting? It is modifying the original sculpts to make it look different, to make it stand out from the crowd of identical miniatures. It also allows to make the miniature look the way you wanted it to look! Check the articles about converting and sculpting, and if you learn something new – share the effects with us at the forum.

Converting & sculpting articles

Basing Tutorials

Basing Tutorials

We’ve seen many people pay little attention to the way their miniatures are based. Sometimes it’s the matter of impatience or simply lack of skills. But bases are the element which can make your miniature look better or totally ruin the effect. So why shouldn’t you add this small but very important touch to your models and improve them in such a simple way? Making and painting nicely looking bases for your models doesn’t have to be difficult after all…

Basing articles

Miniatures step-by-step

Sep-by-step tutorials

Maybe you would like to read about the whole process of painting or sculpting a particular miniature?

Check this section to see who kept track of the whole work on their project and posted it for your reading pleasure.

Step-by-step articles

Reviews of hobby products

Reviews of Miniatures and Hobby related products

The number of available products can be overwhelming. You can easily get confused with all the miniature ranges, brands of paints and brushes, sculpting putties, tools, magazines, DVDs, and books. But you can check what other people feel about them, maybe their opinions will be useful for you. We try to provide some insight and guidance for fellow hobbyists and offer our subjective and biased reviews of the stuff we know and have used.

Product reviews

Masters of Miniatures – Interviews

Masters or Miniatures - Interviews

Everybody can have their favorite artists. Some of these artists can be miniature painters. If there are interviews with rock stars and actors, why shouldn’t we get some miniature painters interviewed? If you wonder what inspires them, what products they use and what are their favorite techniques – check the interviews out. You may learn some surprising things, or simply get amused with their answers. Enjoy!

Masters of Miniatures

Dictionary of painters’ slang

Dictionary of miniature painting slang

Many jobs and many hobbies have their own slangs and vocabularies. There are many terms which are so specialized and unknown to people who don’t know much about miniature hobby, that people who are new to miniature painting can hardly understand what the painters are talking about. We want to help you understand the slang! If you want to learn the secret language of miniature painters – go ahead and check the dictionary out!


Reports from miniature painting events

Reports from miniature painting events

Golden Demons, GenCons, Salutes, etc. – these are only a few of the many miniature painting events available to us, hobbyists. But very few of us can visit them all. If you are unable to attend to a particular event, it may be interesting for you to check the photoreports – you may be lucky enough to find photos from the event and see what you missed. And if you were there, maybe you can spot your own works on our photos?