Fiori the Dragonborn from Hero Forge

Sometimes you just can’t show something you painted for some time because it needs to remain a secret. Or a surprise. That was the case with this model, Fiori the Dragonborn.

This model was ordered as a gift for another person, so despite having it painted some time ago, we didn’t publish the photos to avoid spoiling the surprise…

… and then we forgot to post them. 🙁

But they are here, another fun model created with the Hero Forge creator and printed by us. If you would like us to print and paint something for you, too, just let us know and we’ll respond to your message. 🙂

HeroForge dwarf

Hello again! This time I want to present you a Dwarf Barbarian.

HeroForge Dwarf

Wild and frenzied, this little fellow is ready to crush some skulls and make some necklaces out of teeth.

HeroForge Dwarf

The miniature itself comes from the HeroForge range. He’s a small-scale model but even with at this size he was a really pleasure to paint. Not overloaded with details, this miniature allowed me to put some artistic impression with some textures and freehand work.

HeroForge Dwarf

It was also a great exercise for skintone painting. More pictures in my galleryDo you like it? All C&C are welcome.