3D printing and casting service

3D printing and casting service

3D printing has revolutionized the miniature industry. It made printing models or parts possible. Customization became much easier and many models became available only as 3D printable files. While it still requires some technical knowledge and experience, it is a great thing for the hobby!

Printing multiple copies of the same item is not the most efficient solution though. It is much more efficient to prepare the model only once and then cast additional copies.

We have been working with 3D printing and casting for a few years already and can offer our help in these fields by providing the following services:

  • preparation for printing, from digital file to ready-to-print
  • customizing models
  • printing from provided files, including prototyping or creation of master copies for future reproduction
  • post-processing 3D printed models
  • preparation of models for casting
  • preparation of molds for casting
  • casting of provided models
Space Marine bust prepared for 3D printing – example of our 3D printing service

3D printing service

3D printing is an excellent way to produce a unique item, something that hasn’t been mass-produced. As we’re working with items which have been digitally sculpted or 3D-scanned, these designs can be customized and made even more unique than before.

Unfortunately printing is not a fast process and not the most price-efficient way of building whole armies. But combined with our casting service it can easily produce even whole armies, where every model can be heavily customized and different than the basic versions you can buy.

Parts of models prepared for 3D printing – example of our 3D printing service

We can print custom models, custom conversion parts, special bases for your models, or even models which are not available in a physical form.

This technique is often used for creation of prototypes or master copies, which will be later reproduced in another process, like casting.

Casting service

Casting is the optimal solution if you want multiple copies of your item – be it a complete model or even a part. It is much more efficient to prepare the item for replication only once and avoid having to print and post-process every single copy.

3D printing and casting a Space Marine bust for a fan project – example of our 3D printing service followed by casting service

While working with various casting projects, we learned about techniques of casting, making molds and various materials and supplies used in the process. As different shapes and products require very different approaches and solutions, we can offer you our experience and help, so you can avoid expensive errors and rely on our professional services.

If you would like to ask about our service, please send us a message, so we can respond and provide you with answers to your questions. We believe we can create something impressive together!

Let us know if you need a hand at casting or 3D printing – example of our casting service.