Just a certain Genghis…

Recently we have received quite a few inquiries to paint some Hero Forge miniatures. More than before, which was already pretty surprising.

Honestly speaking we don’t know the reason, was it because of the Hero Forge miniatures Benathai painted before? Or because of the fact he did some for the very company. Regardless of the reasons, here is another one – a certain character inspired by the world of Conan.

The model was painted by Rejven, who he was too shy to post it here. However, we think it would be a shame to let it go unnoticed, so here a few more pictures:

Hero Forge Palladin

This is the first miniature from Hero Forge that I had opportunity to paint. The figure was made from material called ‘Beta grey plastic’. There were no mould lines, as the mini was 3D printed, but there was a lot of tiny ‘pegs’ – remains of printing process that had to be removed. It was cast as one piece miniature, together with the square base. After priming the mini looked just like “normal” figure. The detail level is sufficient for gaming miniature.
The figure represents anti palladin in full plate armor casting a spell called “touch of corruption”.

Dwarf Hero from Hero Forge

Hero Forge is a company producing customized miniatures. This Dwarf Hero is an example of what such miniatures can look like.

Dwarf Hero from Hero Forge
Dwarf Hero from Hero Forge

As you may already know, Hero Forge allows you to design your miniatures as if you were building them from blocks. You choose parts for your model, assemble it online and finally order the customized model.

Results may look like this: