Blood Angels Space Marine Bust

Some time ago we had some fun with the fan-art primaris space marine busts that we made and gave to our team members to paint in any way they wanted. I decided I would like to customize mine a bit and paint him as a Blood Angels Space Marine bust.

Why the Blood Angels Space Marine bust?

Well, because it’s red. And I wanted to paint something red. I also wanted to paint it in a different way, unlike it’s usually painted. I wanted to give some depth and texture to the armor. Making it glow with some inner light. Maybe plasma-like, maybe lightning-like. It didn’t really mater much, as I was more interested in the visuals than the background lore.

Blood Angels Space Marine bust

Not that I wanted to ignore the lore completely (as long as I could connect it to the concept I had). 😀

Blood Angels lore?

I am not a Warhammer 40K player, but I do my bit of research before painting my models, and this Blood Angels Space Marine bust was no different. I wanted to stick to the official insignia, official colors and overall imagery. The blood drops were too tempting and the colors were what I wanted anyway. And metallics – not the NMM that everybody seems to want but some good old real metallics. I hope you like how they turned out. 🙂

The model is a bit modified version of the basic bust, having some custom parts like the chapter-specific helmet, extra purity seals, and also uses some more parts than Benathai used in his Ultramarine bust.

I wasn’t documenting the process of painting the model in detail, as it was only a fun project. But if you want to see some WIP shots, there are some photos and (I think) three videos in my Instagram gallery.

Enjoy, and if you have any questions – we’ll be happy to answer them. 🙂

Hulk Buster & Co. – Blood Angels Death Company

We received a great photo from one person that we collaborated with on an interesting project – a small force of Blood Angels Death Company terminators accompanied by a Dreadnought, the Hulk Buster.

Hulk Buster - Shield of Baal Blood Angels Death Company
Hulk Buster – Shield of Baal Blood Angels Death Company

Most of the miniatures were painted by Irkuck, back in the time when he still had time for painting miniatures and was a member of our group, the dreadnought’s banner was painted by Thor, and the last models of the army were painted by Benathai. Oh, he hasn’t presented them yet? We’ll fix this little omission really soon. 🙂

Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought

I think this Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought model never made it to my gallery, which is a shame. I painted it in mid-2014, and it’s been posted to the internet, but because of the technical problems with our website it was never published here.

Well, now it is! 🙂

Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought in blood rage
Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought in blood rage

Some background notes for my Contemptor dreadnought:

The concept for this paintjob was based on Blood Angels background. According to it some Blood Angels go into a kind of frenzy, called “red thirst“. I wanted to represent this state of mind with my painting, show the blood covering the world, in which everything can be a potential enemy and a sufficient reason to kill them. I tried to capture the madness and rage in this miniature. I hope it makes the concept easier to understand. 🙂

If you want to see some WIP shots of this model, feel free to check them out: Here‘s the one in which I collected some images to use as reference and inspiration. This one presents earlier stages of painting, without the gore and many freehand-painted details, as well as the base photographed separately. Finally this post shows some close-ups of freehand details that I applied later, but still before adding the blood.

Enjoy. 🙂

Dissociation break / Przerwa na rozkojarzenie

I had to take a break. Mental dissociation is not a good state for freehand painting.

I said goodbye to my grandma, which started an avalanche of memories somewhere in my mind. And since I was unable to paint, I did some springtime cleaning.  Whenever I try to reorganize the room, I get in a trance of throwing things away. I am an unfulfilled minimalist. I keep wondering if getting rid of records, books and half of my remaining clothes would give the expected result. After all what’s left is sentiments… and is it good or bad to have them?

Musiałam zrobić sobie przerwę. Rozkojarzenie nie sprzyja freehandom.

Pożegnałam się z babcią i gdzieś tam w głowie doszło do lawiny wspomnień. Skoro nie dało się malować, to zrobiłam wiosenne porządki. Zawsze kiedy biorę się za remanent w pokoju, wpadam w ciąg wyrzucania. Jestem niespełnioną minimalistką. Zastanawiam się jednak, czy pozbycie się płyt, książek i połowy z pozostałych ubrań przyniosłoby pożądany efekt? W końcu to co zostało, to sentymenty… to dobrze czy źle mieć je?

Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought

Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought

While trying to tidy up my photos, I found a few pictures of making the banquet diorama:

Robiąc porządek w zdjęciach, znalazłam troszkę zajawek z robienia biesiady:

Le Banquet from FenryllIt’s a nice and characterful set, which must have been given to me for painting as a reward for painting Judas le comedien 🙂 I was very excited about it until I saw the faces of these models. I don’t know the author of these sculpts, so I may be wrong, but the whole thing left an impression of a great sculptor being hired for not enough money. Instead of eyelids – horizontal rolls over tiny (eye)balls, surfaces roughly carved with a knife without smoothing, etc. But I value character and atmosphere over precise brushwork, I decided not to complain and to enjoy the ambience of this diorama. I enjoyed being able to arrange the models the way I wanted, so I tested a few possible scenes. 🙂

Klimatyczny zestaw, dostałam do pomalowania chyba w nagrodę za pomalowanie Judas le comedien 🙂 Bardzo na niego się cieszyłam, do czasu aż nie zobaczyłam twarzy modeli. Nie znam autora, więc mogę być w błędzie, ale całość sprawiała wrażenie, jakby firma zatrudniła extra rzeźbiarza za zbyt małe wynagrodzenie. Zamiast powiek poprzeczne wałki na kulkach/gałkach ocznych, powierzchnie ciosane nożykiem bez wygładzeń, itp. Ale, że jestem orędowniczą fluffu/klimatu/nastroju ponad precyzję pędzla, postanowiłam nie narzekać i cieszyć się nastrojem dioramy. Fajne było w zestawie to, że modele można dowolnie sadzać, więc scenek wypróbowałam kilka 🙂

working on Le Banquet from Fenryll

palette for Le Banquet from Fenryll

base for Le Banquet from Fenryll     base for Le Banquet from Fenryll

working on Le Banquet from Fenryll

working on Le Banquet from Fenryll

freehand for Le Banquet from Fenryll

Red Thirst continues!

So I am sitting and painting the Contemptor dreadnought:

Siedzę nad dredziem:

Blood Angels Contemptor dreadnought (WIP)

Contemptor dreadnought's arm (WIP)

Contemptor dreadnought's base



These are my photos from the last few days. More freehands still to be done (I started today)
I may find these motifs useful;

To fotki z ostatnich dni. Freehandy jeszcze przede mną (dziś zaczęłam)
Być może przydadzą mi się te motywy:




Blood Angel

Blood Angels Death Company banner

Angel tattoo

Blood Angels


I browsed and searched through scores of angels in the last days. Crap. Lots of kitsch.
The best angel of death ever created is in my opinion the one from Hellboy. Do you know any better?

Szukałam/oglądałam w ostatnich dniach dziesiątki aniołów. Kicha. Morze kiczu.
Najlepszy anioł śmierci jaki powstał to dla mnie ten z Hell Boya. Znacie lepszego?

Hellboy II