Dragon King [Kingdom Death Monster]

Ana’s Dragon King: Iconic Model for Kingdom Death Monster

The Kingdom Death Monster tabletop game is famous for its beautifully disturbing miniatures, each telling a story of their own. Our latest feature is the Dragon King, expertly painted by none other than our artist Ana. While we’ve showcased a different version of this beast before, Ana made her version pretty unconventional, primarily for display but with some occasional gaming in mind.

The Project

When a collector approached Chest of Colors with the request of adding the Dragon King to his ongoing commission of several Kingdom Death Monster miniatures, we knew we had to deliver something special. Ana took on the challenge, aiming to create a piece that not only looked fierce on the battlefield but could also serve as a striking display piece.

Dragon King [Kingdom Death Monster]
Dragon King [Kingdom Death Monster]

Technique Highlight

Ana’s interpretation of this model utilizes a blend of airbrushing and meticulous hand-painting. It allowed her to achieve a unique and vibrant color scheme. She decided to combine the usual dark and gritty approach typically associated with KDM with a vivid palette that transitions seamlessly between hues of blue, purple, and pink. This choice adds a layer of surrealism, making the Dragon King appear even more otherworldly.

One standout technique Ana employed was her use of lighting effects, simulating a mystical glow emanating from within the creature. This effect was achieved through precise layering and glazing, enhancing the model’s depth and bringing it to life.

Challenges and Solutions

Dragon King [Kingdom Death Monster]
Dragon King [Kingdom Death Monster]

One of the main challenges Ana faced was maintaining a balance between the scary and the fantastical. The Dragon King’s multiple textures required different painting approaches, all while ensuring the colors remained cohesive. The decision to give the Dragon King an eerie but frightening face, with an effect similar to some fantastic facepaint, and heavily textured, rough teeth, allowed to add a touch of horror to this otherwise fantasy-like miniature.

The Final Result

The end result is nothing short of breathtaking. Ana’s Dragon King stands as an imposing figure, its colors and unusual interpretation making it a centerpiece in any collection. The removable display base, painted with cosmic scenery to complement the model’s color scheme, adds an extra layer of narrative to the piece. It makes the dragon look like the Dragon King is stepping out of another dimension.

Kingdom Death Monster players and collectors alike will appreciate this model. The level of detail and the artistic liberties taken with this piece definitely can leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re looking to intimidate your opponents on the gaming table or adorn your display shelves with a work of art, such Dragon King would be a perfect addition.


We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to work on such an intricate and fascinating model. If this Dragon King has captured your imagination, why not consider having your own miniatures transformed by our team of skilled artists? Visit our painting service page to learn more or send us a message to arrange free consultation.

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