Imperial Fists Bladeguard Veterans

Today we are presenting a unit of Imperial Fists Bladeguard Veterans painted by Kacpero.

The Imperial Fists are a First Founding Space Marine Chapter, created during the early years of the Imperium of Man. They are renowned for their exceptional skill in siege warfare and their unwavering loyalty to the Emperor and the Imperium. The Chapter is known for its stoic and disciplined approach to combat, and its warriors are revered for their steadfastness and bravery in the face of even the most dire circumstances. Their signature color is yellow, and they are often called upon to defend key Imperial assets and fortresses, as well as to undertake some of the most difficult and dangerous missions in the galaxy.

Imperial Fists Bladeguard Veterans
Imperial Fists Bladeguard Veterans

The Imperial Fists Bladeguard Veterans are Bladeguard Veterans that serve within the ranks of the Imperial Fists Space Marine Chapter. These elite warriors are renowned for their skill and bravery in battle, and are often called upon to undertake some of the most difficult and dangerous missions.

They are armed with some of the most advanced weaponry and equipment available to the Imperium of Man, including master-crafted power swords, combat shields, and heavy bolt pistols. They are also equipped with the finest Astartes armor, which provides exceptional protection against enemy fire and melee attacks.

In addition to their formidable combat skills, these veterans are known for their unwavering loyalty to the Emperor and their dedication to the defense of the Imperium. They are often deployed to the most hostile and dangerous battlefields, where their presence alone can inspire other Imperial forces to fight with renewed determination and courage.

The selection process for becoming an Imperial Fists Bladeguard Veteran is incredibly rigorous and demanding, with only the most skilled and dedicated Space Marines being chosen for this prestigious role. Those who are selected undergo extensive training and are equipped with the finest weaponry and armor available.

Maybe these Imperial Fists Bladeguard Veterans inspire you to paint your own miniatures, or maybe you don’t feel up to the task and prefer to contact us about getting your miniatures painted?

Fulgrim the Phoenician from Forge World – painted

Fulgrim the Phoenician, was the primarch of the Emperor’s Children legion of Space Marines. He played an important role during the Horus Heresy and eventually became a daemon prince of Chaos. This model depicts him in his more loyal version.

Some time ago I got a request to paint Fulgrim the Phoenixian. A part of the request was to include two modifications to the ForgeWorld model – change his head and his sword. The idea was that the customer didn’t want him to look like a crazed madman, but more like a confident swordsman. One that is worthy of wielding the Emperor’s sword.

Fulgrim, the Phoenician
Fulgrim, the Phoenician

We looked up some reference images depictumg Fulgrim the Phoenician, and I must say there were many interesting images, but we needed one that would look good in the smaller scale, so we went with this image from

“Roses of Fulgrim” by Nephilim Amriagiath

The face had features which could look good enough even on a small-scale model, here’s a closeup of the face from the artwork:

Fulgrim's face detail from the "Roses of Fulgrim" picture by Nephilim Amriagiath
Fulgrim’s face detail from the “Roses of Fulgrim” picture by Nephilim Amriagiath

We designed and sculpted the custom head sculpted. And after 3d-printing it, we used it for the model, just like the requested sword. The base is removable, which allows to use the model both for gaming and for display purposes.

Working on this model was really enjoyable, especially because we managed to collaborate on it with Kacpero. I hope we get a chance to do something interesting together again! 🙂

I hope you like my version of Fulgrim. 🙂 And if you would like us to paint something for you, just send us a message with your request. 🙂

Salamanders Space Marine bust

Do you remember the Space Marines busts we made? Now it’s time to post another one of them, a Salamanders Space Marine bust.

I loved those busts for how they allow to have fun painting and try different approaches. Not being limited by the restrictions usually applied to commissioned projects.

This time I decided to paint my Salamanders Space Marine bust in a more cartoony style. My inspiration was modern superhero comics with their bright colors, strong contrasts and gradients.

I had a lot of fun, playing with different light sources and testures. I didn’t even try to paint in a realistic way. Not being an expert in Warhammer 40K lore, I learned a bit about Salamanders from the Lexicanum website. It was just enough to give me some inspiration for this model.

If you want to see more photos of my Salamanders Space Marine bust, here they are

And if you would like to have this bust or to commission something cool painted by me or other members of our team, why don’t you simply contact us and tell us about your idea. We will get in touch to discuss the project with you.
In the meantime, I still have some ideas for more Space Marines busts, but it’s not easy to squeeze a hobby project into my schedule.

Blood Angels Space Marine Bust

Some time ago we had some fun with the fan-art primaris space marine busts that we made and gave to our team members to paint in any way they wanted. I decided I would like to customize mine a bit and paint him as a Blood Angels Space Marine bust.

Why the Blood Angels Space Marine bust?

Well, because it’s red. And I wanted to paint something red. I also wanted to paint it in a different way, unlike it’s usually painted. I wanted to give some depth and texture to the armor. Making it glow with some inner light. Maybe plasma-like, maybe lightning-like. It didn’t really mater much, as I was more interested in the visuals than the background lore.

Blood Angels Space Marine bust

Not that I wanted to ignore the lore completely (as long as I could connect it to the concept I had). 😀

Blood Angels lore?

I am not a Warhammer 40K player, but I do my bit of research before painting my models, and this Blood Angels Space Marine bust was no different. I wanted to stick to the official insignia, official colors and overall imagery. The blood drops were too tempting and the colors were what I wanted anyway. And metallics – not the NMM that everybody seems to want but some good old real metallics. I hope you like how they turned out. 🙂

The model is a bit modified version of the basic bust, having some custom parts like the chapter-specific helmet, extra purity seals, and also uses some more parts than Benathai used in his Ultramarine bust.

I wasn’t documenting the process of painting the model in detail, as it was only a fun project. But if you want to see some WIP shots, there are some photos and (I think) three videos in my Instagram gallery.

Enjoy, and if you have any questions – we’ll be happy to answer them. 🙂