Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps miniatures

Recently we had a chance to paint an interesting set of miniatures for the Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps boardgame.

This project was interesting thanks to the fact that we had a chance to combine the creative powers of two painters and display two quality levels in one subject.

So some miniatures, considered more important by the customer, were assigned for a level 2 paintjob, while the remaining ones were left for level 1.

Do you recognize these characters from Aliens?

Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps miniatures – a mix of level 1 and level 2 paintjobs

Here is the whole group with level 1 miniatures on the left and level 2 miniatures on the right. The power lifter is level 1 as well.

Level 2 miniatures

Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps miniatures – level 2 paintjobs by Rejven

Rejven did the miniatures at level 2. They got detailed camouflage, some detailing and a bit of weathering.

You can see some more photos of these models here:

They look pretty good for a level 2 job, don’t they?

Level 1 miniatures

Now if you want to see the level 1 part of the set, the way Thymos.Theos painted them, here they are:

Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps miniatures – level 1 paintjobs by Thymos.Theos

Bearing in mind that level 1 is our basic quality, they are really good for gaming models!

Finished project

And to close this post, here is another family photo of the whole group:

Level 1 by Thymos.Theos on the left and in the middle. Level 2 by Rejven on the right

We were happy with how they turned out, and apparently so was the owner of these models, who said:

Wow, they look fantastic 🙂
Thank you for the excellent work and the personal way you’ve dealt with me via email.
I’ll be sure to write you guys a great review.

Alien Praetorian

Alien Praetorian from Prodos Games AvP. This guy is 55 mm tall – almost twice the size of regular aliens. And this is Unicast miniature – the whole figure (including the base) was a single piece. Quite amazing considering all the details. It’s not often when I paint mini with just two paints – dark blue and white 🙂

Restricted Area

Recently I have built some dioramas for fantasy miniatures. But what about S-F ones? I always wanted to create futuristic setting for my figures. So here it is – inspired by Aliens movies dark interior of spaceship or space base/colony. I did not want to create neat environment like in Star Trek. I wanted it to look like something terrible just happened there (or is going to happen quite soon). Like Alien infestation or visit of “friendly” Predators.
To construct it I used pieces of plain plastic sheets and elements from Mantic Games Deadzone scenery. They did not have any skulls sculpted like GW ones 😉 After assembly I filled all the gaps with Milliput. Then I primed it and sprayed with base colors. After that there was a lot of drybrushing and washing. There was also a lot of “cleaning” of overspray (although I used masking tape to separate floor and walls), as well as painting scratches and rust marks. In the end I applied some leftover transfer sheets from various models. To make it more interesting I also painted yellow-black stripes in the front and red lighting using airbrush. The doors are removable. All of that took me much more than I anticipated and I  didn’t want to spend any more time on that. Overall I am glad that it’s finally finished and IMHO it looks quite decent.

SF board

SF board

SF board

SF board

I will treat it mostly as a display board for my S-F miniatures, like Aliens vs Predator from Prodos Games. The whole board is 37 x 30 cm – just to fit into my Ikea Detolf display cabinet. And there is enough place to park my M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier 🙂

SF board

Alien Infant Warriors

Here is my quick review of what can you expect inside Prodos Games Alien Infant Warriors box.
Again, the box itself is really nice and has graphics that just ask you: “Please, open me!”

Inside you will find parts (bodies, heads and tails) enough to make 5 miniatures with round 30mm bases. Did I say 5? In my box there are enough parts to make 6 miniatures 🙂 That is a nice bonus! I was really pleasantly surprised with the quality of miniatures. Even tiny elements, like claws or tails, are cast perfectly. There were no miscasts and almost no mould lines. There are 3 body variants and 2 head options (with or without the secondary jaws). The tails should be heated with hairdryer and shaped so it set just the way you like. This allows to create unique warriors, with combinations of bodies, heads and tail shapes. I don’t know how the subtle resin tails would survive higher temperatures in Summer season (especially in warmer climate zones) – maybe I will not take risk of finding it out after painting them.

(click to see bigger photo)

I managed to paint the first Alien Infant Warrior. After spraying with Vallejo German Panzer Grey surface primer I applied black wash. Highlighting was made with blue color only, starting from dark blue add substantially adding white to the mix for final highlights.