Alien Praetorian

Alien Praetorian from Prodos Games AvP. This guy is 55 mm tall – almost twice the size of regular aliens. And this is Unicast miniature – the whole figure (including the base) was a single piece. Quite amazing considering all the details. It’s not often when I paint mini with just two paints – dark blue and white 🙂

Alien Infant Warriors

Here is my quick review of what can you expect inside Prodos Games Alien Infant Warriors box.
Again, the box itself is really nice and has graphics that just ask you: “Please, open me!”

Inside you will find parts (bodies, heads and tails) enough to make 5 miniatures with round 30mm bases. Did I say 5? In my box there are enough parts to make 6 miniatures 🙂 That is a nice bonus! I was really pleasantly surprised with the quality of miniatures. Even tiny elements, like claws or tails, are cast perfectly. There were no miscasts and almost no mould lines. There are 3 body variants and 2 head options (with or without the secondary jaws). The tails should be heated with hairdryer and shaped so it set just the way you like. This allows to create unique warriors, with combinations of bodies, heads and tail shapes. I don’t know how the subtle resin tails would survive higher temperatures in Summer season (especially in warmer climate zones) – maybe I will not take risk of finding it out after painting them.

(click to see bigger photo)

I managed to paint the first Alien Infant Warrior. After spraying with Vallejo German Panzer Grey surface primer I applied black wash. Highlighting was made with blue color only, starting from dark blue add substantially adding white to the mix for final highlights.

Will you hug them?

…Or will they hug you?
Here is little inbox and photos of painted Facehuggers – sweet creatures that you probably know from Aliens movie series.

The miniatures produced by Prodos Games are for the game Alien vs Predator: The hunt begins. They come in boxes decorated with stylish pictures that resemble posters from Alien movies.

The figures are cast in light grey resin – something like GW Finecast, but without bubbles or miscasts 😉 They are a little oversized, but producing (and painting) them in real scale would be a nightmare (they should have about 5mm instead of 10mm they now have).


(click to see bigger photo)

The quality is really good. Assembly was straightforward. Wait! There was no assembly 🙂 Every miniature was cast as one piece together with the base (or two miniatures on one base). The only problem was cleaning the miniatures from film between legs (a lot of them) and base ground.

Painting them was quite pleasant, something like painting bases only. So 5 (or rather 9) Alien Facehuggers are finished.


(click to see bigger photo)

These are not the only Aliens I am going to paint – just look at the picture below. There is going to be a serious Alien infestation, so stay tuned!