It’s going to be a long way back…

About “Chewie, we’re home”, I bet you know the quote, right? That’s quite much the feeling I had when I finally managed to sit and paint during one of Ana’s open workshops. Yet in my case it was more like “We’re on our way home, but it’s going to be a long way back”


I’ve had a very long break from painting. Many years long, in fact. I never lost interest in the hobby and remained involved in various miniatures-related activities, yet for many reasons I didn’t manage to paint anythinhg for years. Being able to return to once loved activity felt like going home to me!

Without getting into unnecessary (and probably not very interesting for you here)  details, let’s only say that after 2009 I wasn’t painting more than 1-2 minis a year, and I cannot remember a single miniature painted by me after 2013.  Until now that is!

The change?

Now after all these years I managed to paint something. One of the most encouraging factors was that Balrog got old enough to find his interest in miniatures. Not only he’s interested in them, but also keeps looking forward to playing games with them and, what seems to be most important here – is patient enough to spend time painting them too.  So now we can have a valuable family time enjoying the hobby together!

Orc band
That’s a par of Balrog’s orc warband. There are also numerous goblins in it and any creature he finds interesting enough to add to them. Unless it gets added to the opposing dwarf warband he also collects. But orcs have bigger muscles, weapons teeth, are mean and green and generally more impressive than any dwarf can ever get (without riding a bear or wearing a suit of very shiny and ornate plate armor). The boss was painted by the daddy as a gift for him.

Ok, painting with him is not even half as efficient as it used to be when I could paint without getting distracted by him, as he needs some attention and assistance pretty frequently, but still I can paint and spend time with my boy, who is as happy as a boy painting miniature warriors can be! So we can have a good father-and-son time this way. 🙂

But as one could expect, the years-long break took its toll on my painting quality. And returning to the previous skill (not even mentioning improving it) will take time… 🙁

So we’re like starting anew!

I managed to find a few old miniatures started back in the painting days, and decided it would be best to finish them, as if in closing an old chapter in order to be able to start a new one.

Witch Hunter Captain

The first of them was the Witch Hunter Captain from my own Mordheim Warband. Yes, I used to play and enjoyed the game, but never managed to paint more than 3 miniatures, including this captain. He was started many years again and placed in the cabinet unfinished. Now I did what was still missing and here he is. Didn’t want to spend too much time on him, just to wrap an old project up.

Imperial Guard Officer

This model is an Imperial Guard Officer (yes, I keep using the old name instead of the current Astra Militarum), originally a Mordian one, but I painted him in a color scheme matching that of my own army more closely than that of Mordians.

It’s still a work-in-progress photo, but I won’t be spending too much time with this model as well. I have a collection of older Imperial Guard models that I want to have painted, so I will have to sacrifice some quality in order to get them painted at all. Will be cleaning-up a bit here and there and need to tweak the base quite a bit for sure.

The Wolfman

And here is a mini that should be placed in a spoiler tag or hidden from view of most readers here. Much like “the mini”, which was not for the weak-hearted. 😉

If you’ve been following us in the days of old and your memory serves you well, you may still remember that I have a soft spot for miniatures of, let’s say, “alternative beauty”. And so I picked up a bunch of miniatures from Reaper Miniatures that are not the most popular and admired choices (and I am sure my paintjobs will not make them any more popular ;)).

This one is the Wolfman, which will join Dracula in my cabinet, and maybe be followed by the Frankenstein monster when I finally get to paint it…

The miniature was dropped so many times through all the years that I cannot be sure if it originally looked the way it looks now (especially the nose), but I managed to add what was missing, re-apply the paint that was scratched off, and this one can be ticked off, too!

Time to move forward!

So I think most of the models which needed to be finished are done now. Maybe I missed something, so I will add it in one of the future posts as soon as it’s painted, but now I am free to start a new project!

I chose to start with the Dwarf King on War Bear from Scibor Monstrous Miniatures. I am not going to paint him in the usual golden armor, so I also made my bear’s fur brown instead of the commonly used white.

Let’s see where I end up with my paintjob here and keep your fingers crossed that I remain motivated to finish this one!