Dark Imperium Ultramarines army and something new

It’s been quite some time since I had anything interesting to write about, and even longer since I had anything new to show. And while this army from the Dark Imperium set is not really mine, I am proud to show this piece of team work and explain why.

Training that paid off

I can’t remember if it has been already mentioned or not, but we’ve been training hard to streamline our painting processes and optimize efficiency. Our cooperation with Mixed Dimensions allowed us to improve many things in this field and train a team of artists, who in addition to having their own styles and skills, also can work as one team, as a single well-oiled machine and produce large projects, which still remain coherent in style and quality.

Ultramarines from Dark Imperium boxed set

What we have here is an army that was a part of the Dark Imperium set. It is a perfect example of such cooperation. While models in this army have been painted by several team members, sometimes even a few of them working on one unit (or even one model!), I think we managed to keep a consistent look throughout the whole project.

As pictures say more than words, here is a picture of the army:

And here are some shots of individual units:

I am really happy with the result! And so are other team members, so here is another shot of the whole force. 🙂

So what?

Hmm, what does it mean to you?
It means we are fully capable of handling large projects, no matter how we assign the work and tasks. Months (if not years) of training allow us to officially admit we are also a team, not only a group of individual artists.

This can allow to handle your requests better, faster and potentially more affordably! Of course, if you insist that a particular artist takes care of your models, it’s totally doable. We just have more options than that!

We will be explaining it in more detail soon, but for now I just wanted to show these Ultramarines. And if you would like to try our team with your own project, you can always contact us about it. And in the meantime we’ll start working on building a gallery of similar team-work projects. 🙂

MosonShow 2019 and our entries

Many a time we wanted to visit Mosonmagyarovar and participate in the famous MosonShow, and many a time we failed. It was only this year that we finally managed to get there and it was so very worth the effort it took!

Wait, MosonShow? What is it?

For those of you who don’t know it, MosonShow is a big and popular model exhibition, which can boast an impressive number of figures and miniatures. And although they’ve been reaching out to miniature painters for the last few years only, their popularity already attracted many hobbyists, including a significant number of world-class artists.

Examples of entries from MosonShow 2019

At this point we would already want to thank the people who made it possible and easier for us to participate, especially Miklos Bute, who was ready to offer us any help whenever we could need it. Thank you, Miklos!

Our entries

Let me mention that in addition to our own works (Ana’s works, to be more precise ;)) we brought a selection of various models from Mixed Dimensions and had a good chance to present them to visitors. I must admit that the very size of these figures made them stand out quite a bit and they attracted some attention. We’ve been asked about their availability, prices, future releases and, well, they’ve been a great starting point for many cool conversations. 🙂

Here’s a small sample of what we brought and presented there:

Yeah, that’s the selection of models we brought.

Of course it was not all that we had with us. Our main entries were a mix of Ana’s earlier works, not presented in Moson before, and some creative modifications of models from Mixed Dimensions.

I think she will post something more about them later, but here is a quick presentation of what she brought:

That’s my new one. Model from Mixed Dimensions, converted for this altered concept.
A little closeup…
I am sure I’ve shown this one before as it’s not a new model. I stil llike it though 🙂
You may know this one, and we had a very interesting discussion about with Dmitry Fesechko
Now this one is something I only participated in, but that was still possible thanks to our team! 🙂
Can you spot the last entry here? 😉

It was nice to see the original models displayed near their modified versions. This allowed visitors to compare them, and also stirred some additional discussions, which is always great.

Other works and the contest

There was well over 2000 entries in the contest, and probably much more if we include non-contest exhibits. And I must say the overall quality of presented works was, well, pretty impressive. I was particularly excited about all those fantastic dioramas and the little stories they managed to capture.

Remains of an Empire
Another impressive diorama from Paweł Makuch

In these circumstances we were more than happy to see a number of our works awarded! Our works received the SMC Excellence Award, two bronze awards in master class categories and one silver in a hobby class category. Pretty nice! 🙂

It’s easy to see the scale of the model here 🙂
Now this one is for the winner of the Best of Show award. Well deserved!

But winning awards was not the most important part of the contest for us – we met our old friends, we met some new ones. That’s always the great thing about events like this one – the people who share your passion!

So instead of naming them here and risking that I might forget somebody, let me just tell you that we had a chance to spend some time with the Polish crew again (sorry, the restaurant was too small for us to squeeze in when we arrived, so we didn’t manage to participate in the more international dinner), but also many international artists with whom we managed to chat (sometimes for quite some time) during the exhibition.

Some humor can also add a lot to a model!
Creative ideas go a long way

Yes, we will return!

Or at least that’s the plan. We want to visit as many events as we can manage, but although we planned to participate in SMC this year, it won’t be possible for personal reasons. So the next one is probably Hussar in Warsaw and we definitely want to be there!

Not ours, but so cool that we wanted to share 🙂

So if you’re going to be at the Hussar 2019 (it is its 10th anniversary!), let us know – send us an email, leave a comment or contact us via our Facebook page. We want to be meeting you again – we missed you! 🙂

Long time no see… But not anymore!

I was really looking forward to write this post, yet so many things have been going on that I never managed to give it the attention and time it deserved. But now here it is, finally meeting you again and casting some more light on what we have been doing for the last months and what the whole thing with Mixed Dimensions is all about.

New projects…

New team-up: Mixed Dimensions

As some of you may already know, we got involved in a new and exciting project, in which technology meets art and our hobby. We were unable to tell much about it for some time, but now I can tell a bit more about the whole thing.

… in a new studio.

The partner we’ve teamed-up with is Mixed Dimensions, a company that combines 3d-printing technologies with painting and traditional modeling in order to create various kinds of collectibles. So while they provided the technological part, we brought the painting and modeling. 🙂

Test prints for the Bella project

Where did it take us? Oh, first of all we got to work with models in totally new sizes, like 7″ or even 12″ scale. Pretty impressive, I must say, even if they hardly compare to what we usually do.

It’s big, it’s heavy, and you surely don’t have enough space free in your collection. 😉

We’ve taken some of these models to some miniature painting and modeling events, and we still may carry them with us to show you, fellow hobbyists, painters and collectors, that figures can be more than just miniatures! 🙂

9″ pin-up model prepared for Mixed Dimensions the Collection
12″ Blood Demon from Mixed Dimensions the Collection

Our involvement with Mixed Dimensions allowed us to collaborate with as interesting partners and projects as DAZ 3D, Ubisoft or Cryptic Studios, and there’s still more interesting stuff to come, more that we finally may be sharing.

Painting a Star Trek Online model for a Mixed Dimensions customer.
Painting Bella, a model for Mixed Dimensions

If you were following Kacpero’s or Ana’s instagram profiles, you may have noticed some works we’ve prepared in the meantime, but we may be finally revealing them here as well. Well, let’s see before we promise something we cannot fulfill…

Werewolf from Mixed Dimensions

Changes, changes, changes…

With the basic work with preparing the team for the new projects, training new artists and preparing for all the new subjects already mostly done, we could finally return to the community and take a look at the website.

We visited a few events and exhibitions, met some old friends and were happy to see that we still enjoyed that part of the miniatures hobby. We decided we will return to visiting and participating in various events, so let’s meet at some events! Don’t hesitate to come and say hi if we meet, the fun is so much better when shared!

Meeting at MosonShow. We want more! 🙂

We decided to close the forum, as announced in July. As sad as it was, we had to admit we wouldn’t have enough time to make it active enough to justify the amount of work required to keep it updated and maintained. So we re-activated this Chest of Colors facebook group for all of you, who still want to be a part of the community and chat with your fellow hobbyists the way we used to do in the forums. Yes, silly chatter is totally allowed there, as long as it is not (too) offensive for others. 😉

We still need to take proper care about our Facebook fanpage and our other profiles, but there’s only so much one can do, and we have more interesting things to do first.

Hunter bust from Mixed Dimensions

Cool things to come!

Now that we could finaly reveal the cooperation, we may officially do some cool things together, which is good, because our time for projects which are exclusively Chest of Colors related is more limited now that we need to take care of both them and those which are related to Mixed Dimensions.

You haven’t seen it. You haven’t! 😉

One small thing I can spill some beans about is that we may have a contest soon. We are still working on the formula, subject and rules, but one thing is sure – the prizes will be nothing short of cool. 🙂

So who can howl louder? Do you recognize the vampire? And the werewolf?

We will also be posting some more information about various interesting projects we have been working on in the “lost months”. And believe me, there’s much to talk about!

Painting service? Why not!

Having sorted out more urgent matters, which have been keeping us busy, allows us to offer our painting service some more attention again.

We have been noticing an increasing number of inquiries about availability for commissions and special projects, so we would like to make sure they can be answered and taken care of. We should be posting some pictures of our recent paintjobds soon, so please stay tuned.

Commission, result of collaboration with Mixed Dimensions and Daz 3D

I will also make a separate post about all the new options that we’ve prepared with our painting service in mind, but for now it’s just great to share that now we have access to a larger and more versatile team, that can handle really diverse projects – from miniatures to dioramas, from single high-quality models to huge armies, from 3d printing and modeling to painting. But please give us some time to tell you more. 🙂

You all probably know these guys, don’t you?

So, as you can see, we’re not gone, and happy to be finally allowed to show what we’ve been doing for the past months. Keep your fingers crossed for us and wish us luck, as there’s so much great stuff to come! 🙂

Time to say goodbye

It is not easy to say what I have to say, but the time has come to make the decision. We decided to close the forum.

Closing the chapter

It has been an important part of the website for so many years. I mean since early 2005, which means in 2020 it could be celebrating its 15th anniversary. It had its better times and worse times, it’s ups and downs, but in its glory time it was a thriving hobby community and a common ground for Polish hobbyists, who could learn, exchange experiences and comments, and just enjoy their hobby together there.

2006, the first meeting of our community members


Then the time of Facebook came, Facebook groups took place of many internet communities, and despite being less informative they were much more accessible. Popularity of internet forums faded and we knew it but still didn’t want to close the forum. We decided to keep it going as long as there were people interested in using it.

Unfortunately time we could offer to the forum was shrinking, more and more people moved to their serious adult lives, having less and less time for socializing online. Having less and less hobby time, many had to choose between spending it online or actually painting or converting miniatures…

We discussed the future of the forum and we knew one day we would have to say goodbye to it. It would be when the effort to keep it alive, to clean it from spam and to oversee it will be more than the return we were getting – no matter if it’s positive feedback, rewarding hobby time, or just plain participation in the community. With little life going on there and much maintenance required to keep it spam free and enjoyable to use, we thought it was the time to pull the plug.


I thought it’s no use taking it offline, it would serve no purpose. The whole collection of information, feedback, advice or guidance would be lost. Instead we decided to keep it online. Inactive but still online, so anyone interested could take a trip into the past of the hobby, into the past of one of the very active miniature painting communities of the early 21st century.

All the good things about the community we used to have here were a result of a common effort of the people who participated in discussions and events there. For some it was almost like a second home. They considered the place theirs. Some of them did it even without being members of our team, some joined us. Some came, others left. The community lived on.

Thank you all, and you too!

After so many years it’s difficult to name all the great discussions and events that took place there, but definitely there are some people who deserve to be thanked for everything they did in our forum. They breathed life into it, they made it what it was. So taking advantage of the opportunity I have now, let me thank at least these people, who will always be a part of our forum community for me: Nameless, Demi_morgana, Skrit, Slawol, ToMaZ, sea.man, Hellspawn, Maru, Ana, arctica, NAVARRO, Corvus, Pandadosmares, kacpero, IRKUCK, Marta, Trovarion, Gildor, LadyEyes, Szary, Illusionrip, przemosz., quidamcorvus, przemo, Galharen, endrem, dead, Flameon, Rentall, szczurek_, Le6n, Cyberpaddy66, MiSiU and JerzyK.
Thank you for being with us and building the community together!
I will always be grateful for the time we spent discussing the hobby we shared!

Me and Nameless in 2016. Two spammers frequenters of the forum. 😉

As it was already said, the forum will stay where it was, it will just be inactive. Let it be a museum, a library, a sentimental trip to the hobby as it was when we had time to spend hours discussing it.

UPDATE: As some people contacted us and asked about a replacement for the forum, we re-activated our Facebook group, so if anybody wants to join and discuss, feel welcome there. 🙂

We aren’t leaving!

We’re not quitting the hobby. One does not simply give up miniatures. 😉

One does not simply give up miniatures
You don’t think Boromir might be wrong, do you?

So, well, see you elsewhere…

See you in different parts of the internet. See you at various hobby events. See you at exhibitions. See you at figure painting competitions.
See you on our website, see you on our facebook page! Stay in touch, just because the hobby is much better when enjoyed together! 🙂

Toruń 2017: 6th Figure Painting and Sculpting Show report

I didn’t have many opportunities to go to various modeling and miniatures-related events lately, so our traditional trip to Toruń was a treat to me. I had to deal with the fact that it’s not the optimal way of spending hobby time if you go there with a kid, but you cannot always get what you would want.

Ostatnimi czasy niezbyt często miewałem okazję jeździć na imprezy modelarskie i figurkowe, więc nasz tradycyjny wyjazd do Torunia potraktowałem jako nie lada atrakcję. Co prawda musiałem liczyć się z tym, że wyjazd rodzinny z dzieckiem to nie do końca optymalne wykorzystanie figurkowego czasu, ale nie zawsze można mieć wszystko co się wymarzy.

Torun Figure Painting and Sculpting Show 2017
Torun Figure Painting and Sculpting Show 2017

It was the sixth edition of Painting And Sculpting Figure Show this year in Toruń. We were to meet a group of fellow hobbyists there, so the trip was a must for us. Especially that it was one of the rare situations that Ana had a few works she could take with her and present at the show.

W tym roku w Toruniu odbywała się szósta edycja Festiwalu Malarstwa i Rzeźby Figurkowej, a że mieliśmy się tam spotkać z grupą znajomych hobbystów, wyjazd uznaliśmy za absolutną konieczność. Tym bardziej, że Ańa szczęśliwie miała trochę prac, które mogła ze sobą zabrać, a to rzadka okazja.

Ready for Toruń!
Ready for Toruń!

The very show impressed me with how easy it was to see that the two worlds, one of historical modelers and one of fantasy painters, were blending together at last. Previously both groups were “learning” about each other, and this year made it plain to see that people were familiar with the others and styles of entries from both groups had influenced works of the other group.

 Sam festiwal urzekł mnie tym, że nareszcie widoczne było ładne przenikanie się środowisk modelarzy historycznych i malarzy fantastycznych. Dawniej oba środowiska dopiero “uczyły się” siebie wzajemnie, a w tym roku odczuwalne było już to, że ludzie się znali, a style prac obu grup widocznie się przenikały.

Historical or fictional, doesn't matter...
Historical or fictional, doesn’t matter…

There were 236 works presented at the show, and awards were not the traditional medal positions that many painters expect, but only deciding if the entering author receives an award in a given category or not.

W sumie na festiwalu zaprezentowano 236 prac, które nagradzane były bez przyznawania miejsc medalowych, a jedynie przez określenie czy autor zdobywa nagrodę w danej kategorii czy też nie.

I tried to capture some of the more interesting entries, but the “mobile” quality of my photos doesn’t allow to fully appreciate quality of works presented at the show.

Postarałem się uwiecznić co ciekawsze prace konkursowe, jednak “komórkowa” jakość zdjęć nie pozwala na docenienie pełnej jakości prac.

The Grand Prix went to Paweł Makuch, which was completely deserved. His works impressed not only with quality, but also with the size and coherent vision.

Główna nagroda zasłużenie przypadła Pawłowi Makuchowi, którego prace imponowały nie tylko techniką, ale przede wszystkim rozmachem i konsekwentną wizją.

Ańa and Paweł in Toruń
Ańa and Paweł with the grand prix. Looks cool, doesn’t it?

A bunch of sponsors provided many prizes, sometimes with their offerings as generous as the big dragon from Karol Rudyk! Ana had to share her works with Balrog, who – in a truly Robin Hood way – took from the richer and gave to the poor himself. 😉

O nagrody rzeczowe zadbało grono sponsorów, niekiedy oferując tak hojne fanty jak smok od Karola Rudyka! Ańa swoimi nagrodami musiała podzielić się z Balrogiem, który niczym prawdziwy Robin Hood zabiera zamożniejszym, a daje biednemu sobie. 😉

Mr. Share-your-loot-with-me
Mr. Share-your-loot-with-me

Eventually Ana managed to return with 6 awards (4 categories + 2 special awards from sponsoring companies), yet the trip was successful not only because of the 4 bags of loot we managed to bring home, but mostly because of the hours spent watching entries of other hobbyists and chatting about miniatures and other stuff!

Ostatecznie Ańi udało się wrócić z 6 nagrodami (4 nagrody w poszczególnych kategoriach i 2 nagrody specjalne od producentów-sponsorów), ale wyjazd uważam za udany nie tylko ze względu na przywiezione 4 torby łupów, ale głównie dzięki godzinom spędzonym na oglądaniu licznych prac innych malarzy i wspólnym spędzaniu czasu na pogaduszkach – figurkowych i nie tylko!

Ańa's entries, awards and loot ;-)
Ańa’s entries, awards and loot 😉

I hope to add a list of winners to the post later, and now let Ana add something more she wanted to mention here:

Mam nadzieję wkrótce uzupełnić ten wpis o listę zwycięzców, a tymczasem oddaję głos Ańi, która chciała jeszcze dodać coś od siebie:

Toruń is a place that I used to return to gladly for the last few years. The Figure Show used to be a perfect combination with the Days of Toruń. I write “used to be” because we were invited to a new location in the next year.  In 2018 the Show will be held in Gdańsk, as the Museum of the Second World War became an official partner of the Show.

Toruń to miejsce do którego chętnie wracaliśmy przez ostatnie lata. Festiwal Modelarski jaki sie tam odbywał, co roku stanowił świetne połączenie z Dniami Torunia. Piszę “odbywał,” bo organizatorzy podczas Festiwalu serdecznie zapraszali nas za rok w nowe miejsce. W 2018r. to Gdańsk będzie miał Festiwal Modelarstwa w repertuarze wydarzeń kulturalnych, a patronat nad nim objęło Muzeum Drugiej Wojny Światowej.

Muzeum II Wojny Światowej w Gdańsku

I agreed to run a workshop / painting demonstration during the event, so I want to notify you even now to stay prepared for June 2018. 😀
Let’s meet at the new location, hopefully as inspiring as Toruń!
Zgodziłam się poprowadzić Warsztaty / pokaz malowania podczas tego wydarzenia, więc już z tego miejsca wyczulam Was, na czerwiec 2018. 😀
Spotykamy się wtedy w nowym otoczeniu, oby tak inspirującym jak Toruń!–