Harlequin Troupe

Harlequin Troupe is the basic unit in a Harlequin army. According to Games Workshop, “In battle, Harlequin Troupes move fast and hit hard, relying on speed and skill to annihilate the enemy before they even have time to raise their guns. Once in combat, the Harlequins are in their element, performing a lethal dance of death while their masks shimmer with their foe’s worst fears.”

With the colorful and decorative clothes they wear, Harlequin models require some effort to paint. Even if you only want them for gaming.

Sure, you can skip all the details, but then where’s the fun of fielding a Harlequin army?

I have painted my own Harlequin force before, and these were a commissioned unit. If you would like me to paint something for you, please contact us and we will arrange it for you. 🙂

Kairos Fateweaver, greater daemon of Tzeentch

In the past I painted a few models of followers of Tzeentch, including some sorcerers, champions and knights. Then I had a longish break from painting Warhammer models. But I was asked to paint some Tzeentch models again and rediscovered the fun in painting them.

This was in 2020 and although I showed this Kairos Fateweaver model in several places already, I never added it to my gallery here. And my gallery would be so incomplete without it, so here it goes!

Kairos Fateweaver’s base

This project took much more time than I wanted, mainly because of the base. Initially I had a slightly different idea for it, but eventually we got it 3d-sculpted and 3d-printed.

The idea was that the Kairos Fateweaver daemon is emerging from a magical vortex created in some kind of an opening or magical portal. When viewed from above, the shape of the base forms the symbol of Tzeentch.

The ever-changing Changer of the Ways

The model is full of colors, ideas and details. I know it makes focusing on one focal point difficult. That’s right, because there isn’t any. Or not just one. I had the idea of Tzeentch being the chaos power of constant change and magic, would distort and mutate everything all the time. So things would keep changing, focus would keep shifting and attention wouldn’t remain on just one spot.

I know this probably made the model more difficult to “read” and understand. But I am still happy with how it turned out.

And it also reminded me of the fun that I used to have painting those Warhammer models. So I am painting them again. I have a few next projects planned already, so if you would like me to paint anything for you, please let us know. This will allow us to arrange everything and get you a place in the queue for our miniature painting service. 🙂

Hydra (in)Dominatus!

While it’s been quite some time from the release of the awesome new 9rd Indomitus box set and these marines were done for quite some time now, I just now found time to share 😀

I must say that Games Workshop has gone all out when it comes to level detail on starter set miniatures. Once one was thrilled to see ornaments and purity seals on the heroes… and then this guy happened:

Turns out that even on low level painting commissions (this one is a lvl 1.5-2) there’s quite a lot to do just to have all elements picked out!

Anyway, the customer wanted a nice pre-heresy Alpha legion scheme. So I went to work with some metallics, GW contrast paints and… ta-daaam! The serpent strikes!

To make the army fit the pre-heresy scheme more, i added helmet crests by www.puppetswar.eu to give some variety (ok, I know the Alpha Legion each marine looks exactly the same, no squad marking or extras…. but that would be problematic in-game to find the sergeant;).

The problem with all starter set miniatures is that they are easy-to-build and so shoulderpads are attached to the body or arms. So since no shoulderpad swap was possible, I decided to give the characters and sergeants a free-hand scale pattern on the shoulder. This helps to merge the non-blue armoured characters like the Judicator to blend in with the rest.

The bases were made to fit the rest of the commission…. 3 sets of Necrons which I will show you soon, so stay tuned!

Summer update

Hello Fellow Humans!

It’s been busy around here 🙂 some cool minis has been painted recently, some awesome projects started. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to update my gallery and write few words for my blog.

Now its changed, you can check some of my newest paintjobs here.
Thanks to Rejven, I had the opportunity to paint two brand new GW kits: Daemonifuge (known also as Ephrael Stern & Kyganil) and Lord Inquisitor Kyria Draxus.

What a fantastic miniatures! I love their design and their mood.

I was aiming for good tabletop quality and I think I met my goal. Whole process was a real pleasure, from assembling to painting and basing and I hope I will have some more projects like this in the near future.

Till the next time!

Arise from your sleep and take back what’s ours!

Necron – the new (well, old) and the old (well, very old)

With all the hype around the new Necrons coming out in the new edition of Warhammer 40k (if by any chance you live under a rock, here’s the trailer for the 9th edition of WH40K)

I dug up some pics from a commission I painted a while back (5 years!) – good old Necrons of which we might not see miniatures again! The custom colour scheme was something quite different, though with the passing of time i see how my skills have improved. Take a look, feel a bit nostalgic… and ready Your wallets for the HUGE amount of new Games Workshop metal skeletons coming within the next months!