Skaven Grey Seer and Thanquol

We’re returning to skaven themes again and this time it will be with two miniatures: Thanquol and another skaven Grey Seer.

As you can see, he’s got a removable scenic base with a special skaven touch: 13 shards of warpstone. 🙂

But if you would rather see a more generic Grey Seer, here is one for your viewing pleasure. 🙂

And some more photos of him, standing on some scenic base that you may have seen already. 😉

Thanks for your attention! And if you are interested in getting anything built or painted for you, don’t hesitate to message us.

Town Cryer: Rats Everywhere

Here is another diorama that I created for the commissioned skaven characters I’ve been doing. This time it’s packmaster Skweel Gnawtooth moving through some sewers.

If you remember Mordheim: City of the Damned, you may still remember the Town Cryer, too. It was a series of articles expanding the game and adding new things to it. I used the title as a heading for my diorama.

The diorama was supposed to be a display base for Skweel Gnawtooth, but you know me. Once I get inspired and am doing something so enjoyable, my projects (especially dioramas) tend to grow.

So instead of a simple scenic base, you have this thing…
We have a short video of the scene:

If you want to take a look at more photos – here they are:

Some more skaven models may be coming from me soon, so stay tuned.

And if you would like a nice diorama or scenic base made by any of us, let us know, because we’ll be happy to provide this kind of service. 🙂

Geheimnistag, or Deathmaster Snikch’s scenic base

Geheimnistag, also known as Geheimnisnacht Eve is a day in the calendar of the Warhammer world that marks the time of the full moon. This holiday does not fall on any particular day of the calendar; the Day of Mystery, also called the “Floating Holiday”, occurs when the twin moons Morrslieb and Mannslieb are both full in the sky. This occurs only once per year and is considered a time when the veil between worlds becomes thin, sometimes dangerously so.

Diorama or extended scenic base?

This model started as a commissioned scenic base for Deathmaster Snikch. And somehow it grew to be more than just this. 😀
But the positive thing is that’s how you can admire this scene now:

Geheimnistag, or Deathmaster Snikch’s display base

While Deathmaster Snikch seems to be just a minor part of the whole Geheimnistag scene now, you can see he’s still there. Prowling in the night.

Take a moment to check out the photos below. They will show you some more details of the Geheimnistag diorama.

Video of the Geheimnistag diorama

And if you want to see a short video as well – here it is:

You can also see it in our Instagram gallery.

Don’t stay outside on the Geheimnisnacht!

It’s crowdy under ground…

Heya again,

The bloggy has been updated. Longer story short: works on the chaos dragon display piece are moving forward and at this stage the piece of tunnel under Empire is nearly full, there’s only one more skaven left before I can start chaos marauders.

I must say I like the current result – dwarf slayer is pretty striking so it’s a nice contrast to dirty ratmen on the right and spiderwebs everywhere around. I think I will try to paint marauders similar way for the coherency, besides these are all old Warhammer Fantasy models – vivid colors is more than welcome on such sculpts.

I should also finally choose proper putty to fill all those cursed gaps in dragon model: I used greenstuff and long pins to assemble parts but I need something more comfortable to work with for the gaps.

Any ideas? Milliput maybe? Diluted with some water becomes similar to clay if I remember correctly. Hope you like it!

– Demi –