Ural class destroyers reporting for duty


This time it’s just quick update of what’s going on in My Luvly Desk starport:

Just before the weekend started second Ural class destroyer has left the assembly line in the mother star base. I still cannot get used to painting these models but I also cannot wait to see just few more painted and photographed on black (deep space that is) backround.

As for painting itself I was trying to keep exactly the same color choice, there are just minor differences: for instance while painitng the second model (flying coffin on the right) I didn’t use airbrush for base colors – it’s barely noticed and most of the paint was corrected with brush anyway. I also painted strong shadows around the windows (or lights or whatever it is): from close distance it doesn’t look too well but it look very fine looking from a meter above – these are gaming models after all. I also tried to increase contrast by applying stronger highlights on reds and highlighting grey to pure white. Again – these tinies are gaming models and strong contrast is the key when it comes to painting such toys.

This time the model was sealed only with semi-matt spray varnish but I think the next time I will hit the flyer with a layer of glossy varnish first for a protection, and then apply matt or semi-matt varnish for a good look. Right now candidate for such a devilish experiment is small frigate hovering over superglue in the back of the photo.

 Till the next time!


It’s crowdy under ground…

Heya again,

The bloggy has been updated. Longer story short: works on the chaos dragon display piece are moving forward and at this stage the piece of tunnel under Empire is nearly full, there’s only one more skaven left before I can start chaos marauders.

I must say I like the current result – dwarf slayer is pretty striking so it’s a nice contrast to dirty ratmen on the right and spiderwebs everywhere around. I think I will try to paint marauders similar way for the coherency, besides these are all old Warhammer Fantasy models – vivid colors is more than welcome on such sculpts.

I should also finally choose proper putty to fill all those cursed gaps in dragon model: I used greenstuff and long pins to assemble parts but I need something more comfortable to work with for the gaps.

Any ideas? Milliput maybe? Diluted with some water becomes similar to clay if I remember correctly. Hope you like it!

– Demi –

Back from Pyrkon 2014 with some loot

Last Saturday I had a very rare occasion to meet some friends from Chest of Colors authorities at big convention in Poznan – Pyrkon 2014.
The road was long and tiring but it was worthy every kilometer spent behind the wheel.
The convention was a total blast: there were tons and tons of attractions for just everyone interested in science-fiction or fantasy even a little bit: there were games (miniature wargaming, card games, larp from what I know and other), there were fans of post-apo movies and games properly dressed up and escorting zombie runaways, there were prelections, meetings with authors, meeting with game creators…
And that’s ‘s just what I managed to spot within very limited time I had a pleasure to spend at the place.
Why? Well mostly because I spend most of the time at miniatures glass cases watching entries for painitng contest (yes, there was also painting contest!) but also because I was actually just passing Poznan that day so my participation in the contest was something like a very enjoyable break in the tiring trip.

All in all I came back home the next day with 2 trophies (for zombie dragon and Scavvy gang), a little hangover, very good mood and even better memories. But I also met someone exceptional – a hint: it’s not a Santa…

I also met someone exceptional – a hint: it was not a Santa…

Chaos Dragon’s invasion?

This time it’s definitely not as much as I’d like to present but considering my recent lack of time I shouldn’t complain. Last night my I managed to spend 30 mins with trusty Dremel gizmo and finally one of my fav models (EVAH!) is assembled:

Egrimm van Horstmann mounted on Chaos dragon.

The model will be based on similar size plinth as the Zombie dragon but I don’t want another swamp (I will save it for something more undead…). No matter the surface will be fantasy-urban or something natural there will be Skaven running in the tunnel below, so looks like there’s lotta heavy drilling ahead. But first something more trivial: filling lots of gaps… =/

Zombie Dragon

“North of the Kingdom of the Dead, and east of Worlds Edge Mountains, lies the Plains of Bones. The land is a desert of multi-coloured refractive sand from which huge rib-cages emerge.

For this is the place where dragons came to die, to rest their bones among those of their ancestors as they had done for millions of years, before any other sentient being walked the surface of the Known World…”

It took me long time but I am more than happy to see that beast finished.

Sure lots of things could’ve been done better bur screw it – it’s the first dragon I painted and it made me proud =]

Hope you like it.

Zombie Dragon
Zombie Dragon