It’s crowdy under ground…

Heya again,

The bloggy has been updated. Longer story short: works on the chaos dragon display piece are moving forward and at this stage the piece of tunnel under Empire is nearly full, there’s only one more skaven left before I can start chaos marauders.

I must say I like the current result – dwarf slayer is pretty striking so it’s a nice contrast to dirty ratmen on the right and spiderwebs everywhere around. I think I will try to paint marauders similar way for the coherency, besides these are all old Warhammer Fantasy models – vivid colors is more than welcome on such sculpts.

I should also finally choose proper putty to fill all those cursed gaps in dragon model: I used greenstuff and long pins to assemble parts but I need something more comfortable to work with for the gaps.

Any ideas? Milliput maybe? Diluted with some water becomes similar to clay if I remember correctly. Hope you like it!

– Demi –