JMD MIniatures: Succube - review

JMD Miniatures: Succube – Review

I guess there is no need to introduce JMD miniatures, French company that released such great sculpts like: Demon, Persian Assasin, Huri Khan and plenty others (even historical pieces).

Quite recently I bought from them 3 minis: two busts (ghoul and octopus) and Succube, maybe not classically beautiful but very powerful mini, at least for me.

Photo: JMD MIniatures: Succube - review

Succube is scale 54 mm, sculpted by Allan Carrasco, and of course cast in resin.

The mini comes in a box in which you can find 6 parts: body, two arms, sword, hair and base.

Cast quality

First impression:

WOW!! Beautifully cast mini, almost flawless with a lot of details (even few quite disturbing ones).

Photo: JMD MIniatures: Succube - review

Photo: JMD MIniatures: Succube - review

Photo: JMD MIniatures: Succube - review

Photo: JMD MIniatures: Succube - review

Photo: JMD MIniatures: Succube - review

Photo: JMD MIniatures: Succube - review

Second impression:

Quality of the cast is very good. After a long time I mangaged to find just one small mold line on the shoulder pad, and sword’s hilt. The second one will take me a bit longer to fix, because of the fine details in this area, but still it’s not such important part of the mini, so it shouldn’t be a big problem.
The only thing that might be an issue are sprues of resin coming from the left hand. Especially the one next to the elbow. But still I think the quality of the cast is pretty amazing.


As far I can see assembling shouldn’t be a big problem. Parts seems to fit quite nicely.


For a painter, well it can be a tricky mini to paint. She’s basically naked, with strong, for some people ugly, face. But on the other hand, her naked body is a nice place to do some freehands, maybe animal patterns or tatoos:)


Definitely not a mini for everyone.
First of all, she’s naked with all the anatomical details.
Second: her face – it’s not classically beautiful, some people might even say she’s ugly.
Third: because the mini is so simple, with static pose, there is nothing that can turn the attention from the paintjob itself.
But if you think that she’s the one for you, go for it 🙂 It’s really beautiful piece

Where to buy

I bought mine from Jama (thx Nameless for great service :P) but if you want you can go to the JMD Miniatures company site.

— Marta

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