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Recently I purchased few resin diorama items from Polish manufacturer I would like to share with you my impression about them. Here is what I bought:
– Cottage
– Outhouse
– Wooden barrels
– Big wooden barrels
– Vases
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The items are made in 28 mm scale. Each set is packed in a small bag with label. The casts made of light grey resin are really good and I didn’t notice any bigger air bubbles or substancial mould lines. Let’s look closer at each set.

The set contains 13 pieces that allow to assemble one building with following dimensions: 105 mm (height), 14 mm (lenght), 100 mm (width). The pieces are not bent and there should be no problems with the assembly. The doors are cast as one piece with the walls, so if anyone wants to make them openable, it should require some work. There are no details on the inside parts of the house (there in no floor either), so if you want an interior, you should do it yourself. This a different approach than for example in Tabletop World buildings (which have interior), although they are about 30% more expensive than those from You should decide yourself whether you will use house interiors durring wargaming sessions or no.
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This little building has dimensions: 50 mm (height), 35 mm (lenght), 35 mm (width). The set contains 5 parts (4 walls and roof). Again – the parts are straight and fit together well. There is no interior either, but I will not complain this time. I’m not going to put any figure inside, although technically speaking there is room for one 28-32mm miniature 🙂
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Wooden barrels
Set contains 6 resin barrels 19 mm high, cast as one piece each.
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Big wooden barrels
Set contains 5 resin barrels 23 mm high, cast as two pieces each (barrel and cover).
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Set contains 6 unique resin vases 18-24 mm high, cast as one piece each.
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Overall I think that the items from are worth their price and should make nice diorama or battlefield addition. Soon I will paint them and show you finished pieces, so stay tuned.

Ancient columns

I continue to paint fantasy terrain accessories. This time I finished 3 resin columns from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Two of them are made as whole and one is in pieces. Thanks to airbrush, it was a fast painjob. After preshading I painted shadows with inks and highlighted the edges. In the end I could not resist to paint some cracks on them to break plain surfaces.


Here is a picture with 28mm miniatures for scale:

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Fantasy terrain stuff

Here is something for fantasy gaming – resin walls from Ristuls Extraordinary Market that I bought some time ago. They’re part of their Old Stone Wall Terrain set. IMHO the walls could be a little higher, but overall they’re OK. Painted fast and easy way: base + wash + drybrush, but the effect seems enough for the stuff that is just a background for your minis 🙂

I’m rather poor photographer, so here are pics on white background and in more “natural” surrounding (game mat).


I also painted medieaval/fantasy shed made of resin (2 pieces – base with walls and roof). I don’t know the manufacturer – I bought it from second hand already primed. It had quite many air bubbles to fill, but once I did that, the painting was easy part. I used yellow and brown tones, suitable for wood and hay. After painting I put some static grass and various trash to make it look more natural.


The miniatures shown for scale are Red Box Games ones – they are closest to 28mm scale.

It was quite a fun painting something different than usual.

SF terrain stuff

Sometimes when you don’t have mood for painting figures, you can always paint some terrain accessories. This is how I did recently.
These terrain accessories are for Infinity, although they can fit any SF game.
The small boxes are made from spare elements that are left from resin models. After cutting and sanding they can be used as objective markers and gain second life. The larger container is made from Games Workshop WH40K imperal buildings floor (hence this skull) and plasticard.

Infinity containers
Infinity containers

These 2 cubic containers are made from laser cut 3mm HDF board (I don’t know the manufacturer). I enjoyed painting all those scratches and rust leaks 🙂

Infinity containers
Infinity containers

More Infinity terrain will come soon.

Tabletop World Review

As most of you know, I’m working on my Salamanders Army but some times ago, I decided to go back working on my Vampire Counts army, so I took a little break from marines. Not because I was bored of the Space Marines, but I think it’s always nice to have a change in what you paint to avoid breakdowns in the motivation.

Anyway, like on many forums, we have in ours a little section used for presenting all new releases from various manufacturers and one of our members posted a nice scenery from Tabletop World that was perfect for my Vampire Counts, ie, the Graveyard. Though, Games Workshop released their a few times before and since it was definitely cheaper than Tabletop World one (but not of the same quality of course), I got myself three models of it. But later, Tabletop World proposed to buy only the mausoleum and the tombstones, so this was perfects additions for the Games Workshop graveyard.

What you get for your money?

This shop proposes a few models in their catalogue, all sceneries or accessories for your sceneries.

Since I already had a bunch of Games Workshop graveyard, I chose to go for a simple mausoleum and a complete set of tombstones and since I really like Mordheim, I went for a pack of Supplies as well that would have gone perfectly on the table. Each set respectively costs 23 EUR, 20 EUR and 10 EUR. The mausoleum is a single building but the tombstones and the supplies set contain 37 and 13 items.

So basically for 53 EUR, you’re getting a nice amount of items. Shipping cost isn’t that expensive. For everything delivered to France, it cost me 13 EUR.

Tabletop World Review (1)

Tabletop World Review (2)

Tabletop World Review (3)

Casting quality

This shop wasn’t unknown to me and I already knew they were proposing buildings of a really good quality.

As you’ll see on the pictures, those are really nicely detailed and I was pretty amazed by the precision of the details on every items. Regarding the cleaning, I had nothing to do, didn’t noticed a single mold line or a bubble. The casting is really excellent.

Tabletop World Review (4)

Tabletop World Review (5)

Tabletop World Review (6)

Tabletop World Review (7)

Tabletop World Review (8)

Tabletop World Review (9)

Tabletop World Review (10)

Tabletop World Review (11)

Tabletop World Review (12)

Tabletop World Review (13)

Tabletop World Review (14)

Tabletop World Review (15)

Tabletop World Review (16)

Tabletop World Review (17)

Tabletop World Review (18)

Even though I didn’t have any casting issue (bubbles or mold lines), and that resin is of an excellent quality (similar to the one Spartan is using for their minis (you’ll find a review of Dystopian War product on our pages soon enough), it’s a pretty hard resin and most items are packed altogether in small bags so one of the wheel fixation of the cart was broken (though, easily fixed by gluing it back).

Tabletop World Review (19)

The only downside I found (cause I had to find one) was that like on the issue I had on my Dystopian Wars miniatures, the bottom of one item wasn’t perfect and thus, it wasn’t completely flat (again, since resin is hard, it’ll easily be fixed by sanding the bottom of the item).

Tabletop World Review (20)


Tabletop World is clearly providing an excellent quality of sceneries that’ll for sure fit on most of your table. They’re well cast, super detailed and are still not that expensive for the quality and quantity you’re getting.

I was really surprised when I ordered, cause there is no registering option on the website, you’re adding stuff to your cart, proceed to checkout, check for the shipping cost. Then, once you got everything, you’re redirected to PayPal (if you chose to pay with this solution) and you get a confirmation page saying your order has been processed and that you’re going to be redirected on the main page. Since I was a little worried, I poked them by email, because I wasn’t sure that my order had ended properly.

They answered the next day (which is pretty fast in my opinion) and they said that it was their process and that I shouldn’t be worried and a few minutes later, I received a confirmation email with my order. Around 10 days later, I received my order which was nicely wrapped and protected. All items were wrapped in cardboard and were nicely placed in the middle of the box surrounded by newspaper.

In my opinion, Tabletop World aren’t perhaps providing the largest catalogue like other companies who sells sceneries for tabletop gaming like Ziterdes, though, they do provide, a nice customer service (which is pretty hard to get these days), and really good products with nice casting quality considering the price ratio. I just wish they could change their checkout process because it’s a bit weird, but beside that, I do hope they continue like this while proposing some more models to their catalogue.