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Tabletop World Review (4)

Tabletop World offers resin scenery, accessories and buildings. Hellspawn reviews a selection of their products, takes a look at their customer service, and more. Read more to see what to expect from Tabletop World.

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How to make Scavvy bunker - photography background (20)

You must have noticed this piece of sci-fi scenery that Demi_morgana has been using for photos of his painted miniatures. It’s a Scavvy bunker that he built recently, and building of which was described in his latest miniatures. Read on to see how he made it.

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Rzymek loves building and painting big things! This time he wrote this “how to build a tree” tutorial, showing in detail the process of building and painting his Great Mallorn. Useful not only for miniature painters, but also for gamers and scenery makers.

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