Workshop in Poznan

Miniature painting workshop in Poznań

Now that we returned from Pyrkon, I found a free moment to write about the workshop for miniature painters that took place in Poznan just before Pyrkon. I had the pleasure to be invited.

The whole meeting was more of a discussion panel than a practical workshop, but it was very enjoyable nonetheless. I met an enthusiastic group of teenage modellers and painters (and a few older and younger ones, too). They presented a choice of their works and some really nice Lord of the Rings dioramas (including some battle scenes and sieges, which were Balrog’s favorite choices). I hoppe to be able to take some decent photos of these dioramas.

Workshop in Poznan
Workshop in Poznan

Dave, the guy who runs their modelling club is an absolutely charming man, with so much motivation and passion for the hobby, that it was no surprise he managed to gather such a nice group around him.

I enjoyed the meeting so much that I will be surely meeting these hobbyists again, now with some more practice-oriented workshops. Looking forward to it!

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