Hussar 2016 entries - full gallery

Hussar 2016 entries – full gallery

It’s been quite some time now since the Hussar 2016 miniature painting contest. But we are sure there will be another edition of this competition in 2017, so we decided to encourage you to come and join us at Hussar 2017.  And can there be a better motivating factor than a gallery full of painted miniatures? 😀

Thanks to Slawol we can present a collection of photos he took at the show. The gallery is huge, going over 360 photos, but I am sure you will find many interesting and inspiring models there!

We expect Hussar 2017 to take place in late October, but have no sure date yet. We will keep you informed about it, so stay tuned for more news. You still have time to prepare some cool contest entries, and let me remind you that the main prize is definitely nothing to scoff at. The winner receives a nice saber and a return ticket to the Crystal Brush contest (yep, it means: a free flight to the US and back). So will you be joining us at Hussar 2017?

PS – If you are an author of one of the works presented here and would like to be mentioned in description of your work, contact us either via the contact form or leave your name and title of your entry in a comment below or under the respective Facebook post.

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