Anakron Miniatures: Cartomancer – Review

Anakron Miniatures is a small French miniatures company. Why small? The’ve got only ten products in their range, but it is the quality that matters. You can easily find them on the Internet under: .

The subject of today’s review is their latest release – The Cartomancer.

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I got his one since I am a great fan of Confrontation game and especially Cadwallon. Before going bankrupt, Rackahm didn’t manage to sculpt all the miniatures for created characters. I am planning use this one for the Guild of Cartomancers, as a Cartomancer Mage (card with statistics).

Although the miniature is in Rackham style and suits perfectly Cadallon’s world – the concept is original and was done by Nico Kopf.



I have chosen the cheapest option for shipping and the miniature came in an envelope with bubble foam inside.

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I was amazed that such a big envelop came, since I have just ordered one miniature. But as I have opened it , there were many different extras sent (post cards, visit cards).

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Of course there also came the miniature with a numbered lithography.

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That’s right, at first you might think that it is a limited miniature, but it is not. The description on Anakron’s web page clears it:

A numbered lithography of the concept, drawn by Nico KOPF, offered for the first 100 copies!!

Good that I bought the miniature for it’s coolness and not for being limited 🙂


The Cartomacer is a 30mm tall, resin casted miniature.  It came in a plastic blister without any foam inside. It might be a bit risky, but later you will see that the miniature came in good shape.

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It came in 5 parts – body, cloak, sword, right hand with a stick or mace and top of the hood. There also came a typical rounded base and a reference card with the illustration.

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Closer look

Here you have detailed pictures of all the parts. From my point of view there really isn’t much to write since this is almost a perfect miniature cast! It has no mold lines, no bubbles, no holes. Of course there are resin sticks especially on the weapons, but those very easy to remove. There is also no problem with fitting the parts together.

All the details from the concept art were very well visible and casted, even small chain on his left leg.

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I can really recommend The Cartomancer from Anakron Miniatures. Not only for Cadwallon fans, but also other gamers or painters. Casting quality is just great. Sculpt is original but suits known system well. Price isn’t high and it costs just 10,00€.

If I could make any more wishes, then it would be the base – a fragment of Cadawallon’s streets  would be a nice addition.

score: 8,5 / 10