Miniature painting service

So you’re curious about our miniature painting service? Great! We have a team of creative artists with many years of experience and passion for their work!
We’ve been working on commissioned projects for collectors and gamers worldwide for many years already, so let us tell you what to expect and what things may be specific to working with us.

Painting Warhammer 40k miniatures – example of our miniature painting service

Maybe you have some experience with using miniature painting service and would like to compare, or maybe you have never used any…
Just continue reading to learn more.

Converted and repainted Funko POP figure – example of our converting and painting service

What our miniature painting can service do

While we usually paint for gamers or collectors, the scope of our activity has been pretty broad. We have done things like:

  • painting armies, warbands and gaming miniatures for wargames, boardgames and RPG games
  • painting miniatures, busts, statues
  • one-of-a-kind models for collectors
  • repainting pre-painted models, including collectibles and statues
  • vignettes or scenes with mor extensive basing or scenery
  • display pieces
  • box art painting for companies
  • official paintjobs to promote models or kickstarters
  • prototypes and master paintjobs, reference for future production
  • and many others

Experience and accolades

When you want your miniatures or models painted, you don’t want to rely on some unknown or untested artists. Our painters have been painting for years and have won multiple awards for their works over this time. You may want to check their bios for some more information on their achievements and rewards.

Ana with her award-winning model and SMC Excellence Award

Does any of them grab your attention? This may point you toward the style you like!

Individual styles vs streamlined style

Having a team of artists with very individual and distinctive styles allows us to create really unique and special works. Ones that reflect the qualities of the particular artist working on them.

We have spent the last years training the team to develop a coherent, unified style and to work in a streamlined way. This allows us to optimize our work, handle larger projects more efficiently.

Ultramarines Space Marines army for Warhammer 40.000 – example of our miniature painting service

Now which one would suit you better? Let’s discuss it if you are not sure yet!

Customers of our miniature painting service

We usually work for two kinds of customers: Collectors, who want something special and unique for their collections; often requesting a particular artist for their project. Gamers, who want their armies or gaming models painted; frequently caring less about the choice of artist if it only allows them to optimize the cost.

Of course, there are some who fall between those two categories. But we have experience with all those kinds of customers.

Sometimes we also paint for companies that need painted versions for promotional purposes: Box arts, promotional copies to display at events or in demo games, and sometimes master copies for further reproduction.

We are not restricting ourselves to any regional targeting, we offer our services globally. Most of our customers happen to be Americans or Western Europeans. Yet we have worked for hobbyists from all around the world! So no matter where you are located, we can work with you for sure!

Also don’t think we are restricting ourselves to certain subjects only. Let’s bring some examples of what we can do.

Babayagha the Black Mother – example of our miniature painting service

Quality vs budget

We understand that everybody would love to get the best quality at the lowest price. But these two factors need to be carefully balanced.

We spend time with our customers learning about their actual needs and expectations. The better we know them and the better the customer realizes them, the easier it will be to make the customer happy. And this is what we want, don’t we? 🙂

So while quality comes at a cost, we will do our research to understand your needs. We need to know what you really want or need. Or just how much we can offer for the price you would like to pay.

Flexibility and options – these two factors allow us to tailor the offer to your needs and to avoid making it unnecessarily expensive. After all the money can possibly be better spent on other things. Even if it means getting more models painted. 😀

Repainted collectible statue of Triss Merigold – example of our repainting service

So how can we proceed?

Ok, so you would like to know more. Let us tell you how things usually work.

First you get in touch with us using one of the many channels available. Usually it’s by sending us an email with our contact form. Some prefer Messenger chat, some even use Instagram for this.

You need to tell us something about the project you have in mind. The purpose, your expectations – either regarding quality or your budget, or even timing. The more we know and the better we can feel the idea you have, the easier it will be for us to get it right!

We will get in touch with you and discuss the project. It will allow us to explain the workflow, discuss the available artists and options. We will answer your questions, maybe you will see the project evolve. We may need to know if you want the models built by us or not, if you want any conversions. What about bases, and so on.

Sometimes the project may be split into smaller chunks. Sometimes we may discuss assigning it to several artists. Again, all the options which may be relevant, will come up in the discussions. Purchasing models or getting them shipped to us, potential downpayments, etc. It’s the perfect time to discuss it. Maybe you will find some use for our modeling or diorama building services. Maybe you want us to sculpt, 3d print and even cast some models or parts for you? 🙂

This larger model presents totally different style of painting – example of our 3d printing, modeling and painting services

If the project gets the green light from you and from us, we can get things started for real! Let’s get the models here and we can start working!

Any quality levels or tiers?

Well, yes, we used to try to keep some standardized quality levels before. It was not easy with all the individual style that our artists work with. But people often require some kind of simplified classification, so we created one.

We found it of no use to go very detailed about the tiers. So usually we only use three or four for our miniature painting service. They can be described this way:

Quality levels used for our miniature painting service:

  1. Basic gaming quality: the models are going to be simple but neat and clean (unless you want them to look dirty). Detailing is simple, but the models are fully suitable for gaming. Bases are simple but add to the model. Usually preferred for larger forces or for things planned for short use only.
  2. Good gaming quality: this looks good on the tabletop. Maybe not contest-winning quality, but detailing is already there, some more advanced techniques can be seen here. But basically if you want a whole army or units painted, this may be the way to go. Even less important characters may look fine with this kinf of paintjob.
  1. Elite gaming / basic showcase quality: These can be the elite units of your army, centerpiece models, or characters for your games. This option is often chosen for smaller forces, like skirmish warbands or sport teams. This quality could be seen at exhibitions or competitions. Even if not winning them, these models definitely look nice in a display cabinet, not only on a tabletop battlefield.
    Here we are definitely talking about detailed painting, more advanced techniques, maybe some freehands too. Also basing is not as basic as in the first two tiers.
  2. Showcase / exhibition quality: These projects are usually very individual and each of them is unique. Of course, you can use them for gaming, and some people actually do it. While usually only chosen for important characters, big monsters and army centerpieces, it can also be used for whole armies. It takes time, a lot of work and this has impact on the price. But this is the quality you see at exhibitiojns or contests. And it is often likely to win awards there and be recognized for its creative and visual value.
    This very individual aspect of this tier sets it apart from the previous three. That’s why we frequently treat it different than the main three tiers, and consider it something of a special thing.

Obviously we don’t need to be restricted and limited by these tiers. We only intoduced them to make it easy for people to understand them. To simplify communication. And while they are available for basically all projects, we always discuss things with our customers to understand them better. To make sure if the quality they think they want is the thing they would actually benefit the most for.
Consider these levels, or tiers, guidelines not limits.

Gaming models painted for Aeronautica Imperialis – example of our miniature painting service

Also please remember that we can take care of all the stages of your projects: From ordering and buying the models if you wish so, through assembly and preparations, converting, painting, basing – anything you can think of, we are very likely to be capable of handling it!

Miniature painting service only?

No, we can do much more. We can create custom bits for you. If you need parts or models to be 3d printed – we can do it. We can build scenery or complete dioramas for you. Assembling, converting or customizing your models is also an option. And if you need it, we can even handle casting of additional copies!

Details of a diorama – another service offered by our team

We will address these services in their respective sections.

So what now?

Not much. Feel free to take a look around, browse our galleries, follow us in our social media like Facebook or Instagram.
And contact us if you are interested in anything about our miniature painting service. That’s how we can answer all your questions and start a great project together! 🙂

Modeling and diorama building service

If you want a model assembled, miniatures prepared for painting – you are in the right place. Building dioramas, vignettes or scenic display bases – we can do it! In fact we’ve done it so many times before…

Warhammer miniatures cleaned and assembled for painting – example of our modeling service

What we can do includes:

  • assembling miniatures and other models
  • magnetizing for interchangeable options
  • preparing models for painting
  • converting and customizing models
  • basing and building scenic display bases
  • building dioramas and scenery
  • building scenic gaming tables and gaming boards
  • cleaning and post-processing of 3d prints or castings
Medieval or fantasy town buildings diorama - modeling and diorama building service
Fantasy town scene – example of our diorama building service

Modeling and converting service

You may wonder why would one use a modeling or converting service. Well, for the very same reasons that make people use painting services: Lack of time, lack of skill, lack of ideas, or simply trusting professionals!

You might want to paint a very cool model or even an army, but you don’t care about assembling them, cleaning and preparing for painting. Or maybe just want to spend the time doing something else, like gaming?

Assembling and converting of Warhammer 40K miniatures – example of our modeling service

Or maybe you want your model (or whole army) converted, which may be a huge task, or at least magnetized. This would allow you to switch weapons and options. Or maybe even bases – depending on the type of battlefield!

Why don’t you contact us with details of your project. We have done multiple projects like that, we can do another one!

Gaming and display bases

We all know that base is an important part of every model. Sometimes one wants to use some ready bases or go with very simple basing. But sometimes a more creative and elaborate bases are expected.

Elaborate scenic display base for a small group of miniatures – example of our basing service

That’s where we can step in and help you. We can save you time and trouble and base your models. And if you want something more special, like a scenic display base – that’s even better! Such a base can be used for carrying your models around or just for displaying them in your cabinet.

Tell us about your ideas and we’ll see what can be done. 🙂

Diorama and scenery building

Dioramas, vignettes and scenic gaming boards are impressive for sure. They are also major modeling projects which can overwhelm some hobbyists. Fortunately we’ve got enough experience in this field to offer you our services.

We’ve built terrain-covered gaming boards, small vignettes telling stories and larger dioramas. We have experience with a broad selection of materials, supplies and tools used. We can build things which will be fun to game with or impressive to display. We just need to know what you would like us to help you with. And we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Work-in-progress stage of what will become a diorama, telling a story and being a good example of our scenery building service

Cleaning and post-processing of 3d prints or castings

The broad scope of our activity gave us experience with 3d printing and casting models. Knowing the limitations and technical aspects of both processes, we know what has to be done to turn an unfinished piece into a ready product. Filling holes, repairing damage and imperfections, assembling pieces, curing, smoothing, etc. It can all be done by us if you don’t want to do it by yourself.

Often 3D printing or casting is not the end of the process – our modeling service can handle the post-processing and cleaning for you

And if you want us to handle 3d printing or casting of your models or parts – just drop us a line and we’ll be back with details.

3D printing and casting service

3D printing has revolutionized the miniature industry. It made printing models or parts possible. Customization became much easier and many models became available only as 3D printable files. While it still requires some technical knowledge and experience, it is a great thing for the hobby!

Printing multiple copies of the same item is not the most efficient solution though. It is much more efficient to prepare the model only once and then cast additional copies.

We have been working with 3D printing and casting for a few years already and can offer our help in these fields by providing the following services:

  • preparation for printing, from digital file to ready-to-print
  • customizing models
  • printing from provided files, including prototyping or creation of master copies for future reproduction
  • post-processing 3D printed models
  • preparation of models for casting
  • preparation of molds for casting
  • casting of provided models
Space Marine bust prepared for 3D printing – example of our 3D printing service

3D printing service

3D printing is an excellent way to produce a unique item, something that hasn’t been mass-produced. As we’re working with items which have been digitally sculpted or 3D-scanned, these designs can be customized and made even more unique than before.

Unfortunately printing is not a fast process and not the most price-efficient way of building whole armies. But combined with our casting service it can easily produce even whole armies, where every model can be heavily customized and different than the basic versions you can buy.

Parts of models prepared for 3D printing – example of our 3D printing service

We can print custom models, custom conversion parts, special bases for your models, or even models which are not available in a physical form.

This technique is often used for creation of prototypes or master copies, which will be later reproduced in another process, like casting.

Casting service

Casting is the optimal solution if you want multiple copies of your item – be it a complete model or even a part. It is much more efficient to prepare the item for replication only once and avoid having to print and post-process every single copy.

3D printing and casting a Space Marine bust for a fan project – example of our 3D printing service followed by casting service

While working with various casting projects, we learned about techniques of casting, making molds and various materials and supplies used in the process. As different shapes and products require very different approaches and solutions, we can offer you our experience and help, so you can avoid expensive errors and rely on our professional services.

If you would like to ask about our service, please send us a message, so we can respond and provide you with answers to your questions. We believe we can create something impressive together!

Let us know if you need a hand at casting or 3D printing – example of our casting service.