5th Chest of Colors Miniature Exchange

5th Chest of Colors Miniature Exchange announced

Miniature Exchanges became a kind of tradition here at Chest of Colors. The idea behind them is painting miniatures for randomly chosen participants of the exchange, which means: everybody receives a nice surprise.

Now we’re starting our 5th Miniature Exchange and you still have a few days to join!

Photo: 5th Chest of Colors Miniature Exchange

The story so far

If you haven’t participated in any of our Miniature Exchanges yet, you might like to read a bit about them, or browse the galleries of miniatures exchanged by the participants of previous 4 editions of Chest of Colors Miniature Exchange. You can find the galleries here:

Here we go again!

Now another exition of our Miniature Exchange is just starting. Thanks to Nameless you can read the rules of the current Miniature Exchange and discuss it in this thread on our miniature painting forum, or if you prefer reading in Polish – here is a Polish version of the thread. These topics are also the right place to ask all your questions regarding this event.

So what are you waiting for? Go check the information and if you meet the requirements – join the fun 🙂

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