Escape From Stalingrad models

Escape From Stalingrad Z is a weird fiction game in a World War II setting. After painting some models for Raybox Games before, we had a chance to collaborate on another project, this time for Escape From Stalingrad Z.

The first batch of models was done by Thymos.Theos, and here is what he created:

First model on the left is Becker, a tank commander:

Next we have a combat engineer, Til:

The third soldier is Dasha, a Soviet sniper:

Finally we have Unteroffizier Reiser:

And if you would like to see the whole group on a black background, here they are:

Somebody even asked if we will have any special offers for painting Escape From Stalingrad Z models. 😀
Well, if you have read this fat, contact us and we’ll work something out for you. 🙂

Legions of Steel models

Some of you may remember the Legions of Steel Kickstarter campaign from 2020. Some of the models used there were painted by our artist, Kacpero.

Here are some images of the models we did for the campaign.

G12 Nightmare Robots and Mark VII Assault Fiend:

G3 Predators:

C1v3 Succubot Command and Control Robot (prepared in two variants):

If you would like to see more of such models and learn more about the Legions of Steel game, check the website of Raybox Games.