Escape From Stalingrad models

Escape From Stalingrad Z is a weird fiction game in a World War II setting. After painting some models for Raybox Games before, we had a chance to collaborate on another project, this time for Escape From Stalingrad Z.

The first batch of models was done by Thymos.Theos, and here is what he created:

First model on the left is Becker, a tank commander:

Next we have a combat engineer, Til:

The third soldier is Dasha, a Soviet sniper:

Finally we have Unteroffizier Reiser:

And if you would like to see the whole group on a black background, here they are:

Somebody even asked if we will have any special offers for painting Escape From Stalingrad Z models. 😀
Well, if you have read this fat, contact us and we’ll work something out for you. 🙂