Blue seems to be popular – for the beginning

Hopefully soon will show models in other colors too, but for this moment please enjoy most popular blue.

Below you can find some pictures of Marneus Calgar and his Retinue I’ve painted some time ago. I wanted to stick as close as possible to one and only proper (blue) Ultramarine painting. When on the shelf whole squad can be displayed on the special base with appropriate  quote.

Poniżej kilka zdjęć Marneusa Calgara z obstawą, których popełniłem jakiś czas temu. Ideą przewodnią było pomalowanie ich w jedynie słuszny (niebieski) sposób Ultramarines. Do oddziału zrobiona jest dioramka z odpowiednio patetycznym hasłem.

Marneus Calgar


Ultramarine Sgt


Ultramarine Standard


Ultramarine Marine


Ultramarine Marine


Marneus Calgar + retinue

Hope you’ve liked them 🙂 Soon more pictures of this squad in my gallery.









A Blue Beginning

Hello folks! My name’s JerzyK and I love to paint minis (if only I have time for that). Mostly I paint for fun, sometimes also for some other reasons 😉

These are my recent works – all Space Marines, and all blue 🙂  What do you think about them?

Set of 5 terminators:

Ultramarines terminators

Marneus Calgar, lord of Ultramarines:

Marneus Calgar

 What will I paint next? Stay tuned!