Stone Golem - Reaper Miniatures

Stone Golem

Miniature Exchanges are always fun events. If you don’t know what they are, I’ll give you a short version of the rules – you paint a miniature as a surprise gift for someone and someone (not necessarily the same person) paints a mini for you. We had few Miniature Exchanges at the Chest of Colors forums few years ago and as I have said – they were fun!

I have recently decided to remind myself how fun Miniature Exchanges are and joined one held at the Reaper Miniatures forum. They had some additional rules there. One has to pick a Reaper mini to paint (obviously) and participants are allowed to make some requests for people painting for them (like “I don’t accept nude models” or “I’d love something for my dwarf army”).

My recipient, Robin from Canada, wished for a non-human model with some orange shade incorporated in a paintjob. After going through my collection of Reaper minis I picked a stone golem from the Bones range (might need to write more about Bones products someday)  and … well … I painted it. So, here it is, the stone golem, guardian of some ancient temple.

Stone Golem - Reaper Miniatures
Stone Golem – Reaper Miniatures

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