Purple nymph

This is my first miniature in 2015. A very small experiment with purple skintone on a small nymph from Hasslefree Miniatures.

This little beauty was on my pile of lead for about 6 years and I didn’t have how to use her. But as soon as I got into possesion of this rock with cristals in it I kwen that she would suit there, as if she was in her own cristal cave.

My goal was to paint purple skin and try to blend the layers as smoothly as I can. I think that there is still potential for me to improve when it comes to smoothness. I didn’t use any midtones, probably now it’s too late for them, but maybe you’ve got some ideas what colors should I use?

DSC06162-600x399 DSC06168-600x399 DSC06172-600x399

 — sea.man

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