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Titan Forge is a fairly new company based in Poland.We have recently received some of their miniatures, which allowed us to prepare this Titan Forge review. Let’s not waste your time then and tell you few words about them.

About Titan Forge

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Titan Forge’s target group are without any doubts GW gamers, playing both WFB and 40K. Their products (miniatures, bits and bases) are clearly sculpted to supplement your GW army. Is it good or bad? I’ll leave this question for you to reply. It needs to be stressed though that there usually is a twist to them – we can see some pirate ogres or undead orcs. Anyway, why don’t you follow the above link and check Titan Forge ranges by yourself.

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Sculpting is not bad. Speaking honestly, these are not the best sculpts on the market and their quality varies between individual pieces. Nevertheless, it seems that new miniatures are received better by viewers. You can check some opinions on our forum. I hope that this progress will continue and next miniatures will be even better. There are some miniatures I do like already.

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Titan Forge products are packed in blisters or cardboard boxes filled with some chips. I haven’t found any sign of damages after transport, so I guess that they protected properly.

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Quality of the casts is satisfactory. I’ve seen better resin casts for sure, but Titan Forge has nothing to be ashamed of. On the next few pics you will see some of the standard issues that you can encounter when working with resin: mould lines, excessive flesh, air bubbles etc. These are not as significant problems as with Finecast products, but the faults are there and need to be mentioned.

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Titan Forge guys put a lot of attention to make assembly easier. Check these triple pegs or even metal pin!

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Unfortunately, there still are some gaps to be filled after assembly.

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Nice surprise

While we speak of assembling – you will be spoiled with choices! Titan Forge packs a lot of additional bits. In case of ogres there were at least two heads for each ogre. Very nice from them. You can choose bits you like the best and there will still be more waiting to be used in the future.

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Another thing I liked a lot about Titan Forge miniatures is that most of them came with ready bases suiting the sculpts perfectly – sea theme for pirates, graveyard for the undead… I suppose this will be appreciated especially by gamers who will get interesting bases for their minis without any effort. By the way, these bases are also available separately.

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Prices… well, I find it hard to decide if these products are reasonably priced. They are not the cheapest miniatures around, but you get additional bits and ready bases… Decide for yourself if you want to pay or not.

Summary of Titan Forge review

Generally speaking, my feelings about this company are quite ambivalent. Yes, they clearly base their product on GW games, yet they try to introduce some variety by playing with GW ideas and concepts. Sculpts and casts are not perfect, but it seems they are constantly improving. There are better prices on the market, but this is balanced to some extent with all add-ons

I think I’ll just keep my eyes opened and wait for further Titan Forge releases. I can recommend some of their miniatures already and I’m sure I’ll paint few by myself with pleasure. I suggest you do the same, especially if you are a gamer.

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