The Northern Giant Werewolf

The Northern Giant Werewolf bust from Kacpero

I wish Kacpero had posted this great paintjob before. I just can’t stand not having it on our website, so here it goes: The Northern Giant Werewolf in all its glory!

The model itself has been sculpted by André Yamaguchi. For a short time it was available as a painted statue from Mixed Dimensions.

Kacpero was lucky enough to get a copy that he could paint his own way. So he modified the author’s concept a bit and upgraded the paintjob, beyond the standards of prepainted collectibles.

If you have any statues you would like to get repainted, why don’t you tell us about them, and I am sure we can help you get them painted properly.
It’s possible they will turn out as cool as this Northern Giant Werewolf bust!

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