Photo: It's off to Grey Seer we go!

It’s off to Grey Seer we go!

It’s only a short post today, as we’re leaving for Grey Seer in the morning. What Grey Seer, you may ask. So let me explain that “Grey Seer” is the name of a painting competition, which takes place during the Polish Team Championship in Warhammer Battle.

Photo: It's off to Grey Seer we go!

Many of us didn’t manage to get there a year ago, and having heard how nice the event was, we don’t want to miss it again. So we’re expecting to meet some fellow painters and old friends there. Some Chest of Colors members, some former members of our team, some friends from our forum, and many miniatures (hopefully most of them painted).

Additional attractions

We know that Przemo (winner of Hussar 2010), Camelson (fresh winner of Golden Demons won in Germany) and Ańa (if you don’t know her yet, just follow the link to learn more) will be giving miniature painting classes there, as Ańa was preparing something about painting freehands today.

In addition to the contest there will be a small party in the evening, so we’re really looking forward to meeting our friends there. If you’re going there, don’t be shy and come to say hi and join us either during the event or after it. We’ll be happy to meet you there.

Photo: It's off to Grey Seer we go!

It seems that the whole championship and painting competition are already prepared, so all that has to be done is driving to Gorzów Wielkopolski.

See you in two days!

And if you happen to be there and return before us, why don’t you leave a comment below to report your impressions from the event. Thank you! 🙂

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