Star Wars Legion Vader materials closeup

Come to the dark side!

As Star Wars Legion rolls through the tabletop world, I couldn’t pass up a chance to paint a commissions of the (in my opinion) main character of the series… Darth Vader himself.

I had to give some thought towards how to do an all black miniature. Thankfully, with the help of Uncle Google I found some references detailing the composition (and materials used) for Vader suit which consists of glossy plastic, leather and fabric.

Then there’s the lightsaber. How to paint a cylindrical, transparent object which glows almost pure white from the inside so that it looking good on the tabletop from all angles, not just pure white. Went this way… hope you like it! And of course the glow…

Set on a Hoth themed base from The Empire Strikes Back (best of the series) makes the mini pop out more.

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