Category: Between the Lines

Between the Lines: High Level

This issue of our Between the Lines cartoon addresses miniatures put on display plinths. High level ones…

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Between the Lines: Famous Last Words part 2

Curiosity is a great thing. It keeps pushing us, humans, forward. It makes us think, imagine, invent, explore, research… Aren’t you curious about the 11th episode of our Between the Lines cartoon?

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Pimp my tracks

“A” is for apple. “B” is for bike. “C” is for cake. Now what does “M” stand for? Read this issue of our miniature painting humor to learn how misleading some things can be.

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Between the Lines #9: New Army

New army book released for your army. Or a new army altogether. Are you excited or upset? Check our miniature painting cartoon Between the Lines for Nameless’ take on the subject.

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Is it a fact or not that red ones go faster? We don’t know. But you can check the latest issue of Between the Lines – our miniature painting cartoon by Nameless, to read more about this theory.

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Between the Lines; Color Theory

In the latest issue of our miniature painting cartoon, Nameless presents the first… tutorial… about colour theory in miniature painting. A short one but so insightful! Ok, we’re not quite serious here but it’s a humoristic series.

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Why would you want to waste your energy on attempts to overcome your problems if you can pray? Beware though, paths of gods are beyond our understanding as you may see in our latest miniature painting cartoon.

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Covers are particularly popular in music. But can a miniature be called a cover? And does it have to be a cover of another miniature? Check this edition of Between The Lines to learn more.

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End of the year… again. It’s usually this period when we think about passing time and another year coming. Ah yes, we also think of our age around birthdays. Are miniatures any different when it comes to their age?

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Famous Last Words 1

People say very surprising things when the time comes. Some are very serious, others not so, and some are still in a good mood. Does any particular miniature come to your mind when you think: famous last words? Nameless explores this subject in the latest issue of his miniature painting cartoon “Between the Lines”.

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