Painted Descent Legends of the Dark miniatures

Painting Descent Legends of the Dark Miniatures: Journey into Terrinoth with Our Team

Enhance Your Gaming Experience with Beautifully Painted Miniatures

Are you a fan of the Descent Legends of the Dark board game? And do you want to elevate your gaming experience to the next level?
Some time ago, our team of professional miniature painters completed a stunning project. It was about painting Descent Legends of the Dark miniatures, for the customer’s truly immersive gaming experience. Let’s take you through our journey of painting these incredible miniatures. It will show you how we can help you bring your own game to life.

Painted Descent Legends of the Dark miniatures
The whole set of Descent Legends of the Dark miniatures painted by the Chest of Coor

The Descent Legends of the Dark Board Game: A Brief Overview

Terrinoth is a realm in peril. In the Descent Legends of the Dark board game, players get to embark on an epic adventure across this fantasy realm. With its captivating “Blood and Flame” campaign, the game offers a unique cooperative dungeon-crawling experience powered by an integrated free companion app.

The miniatures in this game are of exceptional quality. It’s no surprise that many gamers want their miniatures professionally painted to enhance their gaming experience.

Our Project: Painting Descent Legends of the Dark Miniatures

So some time ago, we received an order to paint a complete set of miniatures for Descent Legends of the Dark. The customer wanted to allow his gaming group to play through the whole campaign with fully-painted miniatures. That would boost their game experience and immersion. It was a chance for us to work with each of our talented artists contributing their unique skills and styles.

Making use of the team of painters that we have, we divided the project among our artists, and so we were able to deliver a showcase of different artists’ styles and interpretations, while still adhering to the client’s guidelines and suggestions.

If you can’t decide which artist to choose, why not go with them all, right? 🙂

The Result: Eye-catching Painted Miniatures for an Immersive Gaming Experience

Our team’s combined efforts resulted in a beautiful collection of painted miniatures for the game, each reflecting the unique style of the individual artist.

We are genuinely proud of the outcome, and our client was thrilled with the final product. It allowed us to fulfill the customer’s request, but also to provide a unique service. It was achieved by combining our efforts and using teamwork as our strength and to the customer’s benefit!

Now the painted miniatures not only elevate the game’s aesthetic appeal but also create a more immersive experience for the players!
Praises and photos from the customer confirm that we achieved our goal!

Why Choose Us for Painting Descent Legends of the Dark Miniatures?

Painting miniatures is a time-consuming process. It requires skill and experience. Our team of professional painters can work in a variety of styles and techniques. They can take the burden of painting off your shoulders so you can focus on what games are all about: gaming!

If you’re a board gamer who wants to play with beautifully painted miniatures, we’re here to help.

Get in Touch for Your Descent Legends of the Dark Miniatures Painting Project

If you would like to have our talented team paint your Descent Legends of the Dark miniatures, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Send us a message to discuss your project and let us help you bring your game to life. Or read more about our painting service to know how such process can look.


We can greatly enhance Your Descent: Legends of the Dark gaming experience with beautifully painted miniatures. Our team of experienced artists is here to help you bring your miniatures to life. Reach out to us today and let’s embark on a journey into Terrinoth together!

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