Vampire Counts characters

And so the undead army raises! I have finished painting two Vampire Counts characters – Krell and a extra Necromancer. There is never enough of those 😉

You can see more from my von Carstein’s Vampire Counts here. Currently I have painted about 3000 points, most of them are characters so I will have to finish some units soon to make the army playable.

DSC02577-600x399 DSC02580-600x399

Krell is of course from Games Workshop and the girl is from Anima Tactics – a very nice and fast miniature to paint. And since there is an invasion of dragons here at Chest of Colors, I had to start  paint one on my own. It a wyvern I know, but still it is a dragon like creature 🙂


I hope I can finish this biggy soon!


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