Now this will be a demon prince of Slaanesh!

I think the model will be a perfect addition to the Slaaneshi army I am painting.

Similar style to the daemonettes I already painted (oops, still posted no photos? really?) but bigger. After all it’s going to be another demon prince(ss) for the army. Just couldn’t resist the model…

And yes, originally the model was not a demon prince but Nymert from Pegaso Models.

What a great meeting of miniature painters!

We spent the last weekend with our fellow painters, including our Ańa and our friends: KaHa, Redav, Loler, Herrkuba and Dexter.

Miniature painting weekend
Miniature painting weekend

It was a great opportunity for some painting, discussions, exchange of feedback and advice, boardgaming, and generally having fun together.

I know Ańa is preparing a short report, so I will not spoil it, but just wanted you all to know I am looking forward to the next meeting like this!