Constantin Valdor (in Shadowkeepers colors)

I was about to paint one Constantin Valdor for an Adeptus Custodes army, in the very usual colors. But then for very down-to-earth reasons the project had to be postponed. And unexpectedly I got a chance to paint another Valdor, but in a totally different color scheme!

My version of Constantin Valdor

This time I was asked to replace the usual golden armor with the black-and-red colors of the Shadowkeepers. And how cool it was!

After researching a bit about Shadowkeepers, I decided to use two kinds and sources of light on the model. Red light coming from below, represented the demonic enemies. Valdor being in charge of troops keeping them in check would counter them with purity of Adeptus Custodes. This is the blue light coming from inside the collar of his armor and shining onto his face. This would also match some details of his armor and the force halberd.

Both for gaming and for display

The model itself came with a removable scenic base, which I placed on a plinth. This made the model suitable for display but also usable for gaming.

I think the black background shows the light effects better. But to show how the model looks separated from its scenic base I used white background. Otherwise it would be difficult to see the outlines of both parts.

The Abaddon connection

The model was featured in Warhammer Community Hobby Roundup, which makes me very happy. Somebody pointed out that he looks much like Abaddon. And you know what? They were right! I hadn’t realized it before, but if you follow the link above you will see the comparison of both models. Totally unintentional, but funny anyway! 🙂

I enjoyed painting this model very much, and would gladly paint something just as interesting. So if you have any models you would like me to paint for you, contact us and we’ll try to arrange it! 🙂