Undying Dynasties miniatures review

I would like to share my impressions about Tabletop Miniatures Solutions (TMS) 28mm resin miniatures. This is quite new Polish manufacturer but they are already producing line of fine miniatures. For the review I received 4 hero miniatures from their Undying Dynasties line. The figures represent undead Egyptian seletons and mummies. Sounds familiar? Yes – those who remeber (and miss) withdrawed from production GW Tomb Kings line should be satisfied. This figures are designed to be used in the 9th Age Game – a fan-run successor to 8th Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

The miniatures are hand cast in light grey resin. They are all hand sculpted by really talented sculptors. All those tiny details are astonishing. I cannot wait to cover those figures with paint! Apart from many details, the miniatures have much better body proportions than original Tomb Kings. This means that some of their bones are really thin and fragile, so be carefull when you assemble them! Especially when you pin the miniatures like I do.

Nomarchs were Egyptian high officials and administrators. This particular guy does not look like one sitting by the desk. He carries deadly sword in one hand and cobra in the other one. The miniature comes in couple of well cast parts. There are some tiny air bubbles, but not many. Maybe leaving some of them would make this undead miniature look more natural and aged 😉

Death Cult Acolyte
The miniatures with long scroll and ceremonial dagger also looks really nice. I did not notice any cast imperfections.

Tomb Architect
This figure carries large axe and long whip (probably to motivate pyramid builders for more intensive work). The miniatures is full of details and is cast really well. The only imperfections are air bubble in his chest and little miscast on his headgear, but nothing that cannot be fixed with a little of Green Stuff.

Tomb Harbinger
This one is really a multi kit miniature! He comes with many left and right arm options, including totem, spear, halberd, bow and shield. Hmm, what configuration should I choose…


Here is a set of TMS 20mm square scenic bases in ancient Egyptian theme. They look really interesting – there are some bones and skulls, broken vases, stone blocks. There is even snake and tiny scarabs!


The miniatures were funded with Indiegogo campaign. Speaking of crowdfunding – TMS are now running Kickstarter campaign to fund their new releases – Vampire Covenant Army. If you would like to increase your miniatures collection with high quality vampire, skeleton and zombie figures, you should check this Kickstarter campaign. On the basis of TMS miniatures I examined, you should not be worried about the miniatures quality.

As you can see I already assembled two of the miniatures: Nomarch and Death Cult Acolyte. As I prefer round bases to square one and I really liked the sculpt of TMS bases, I removed with razor saw tops of two square bases, glued them to plastic round 25mm ones and filled the gaps with Milliput. Assembled miniatures look even better. I will soon paint them so please stay tuned!

Assembled miniatures