Rocky seashore bases by Demon Color

Years ago Demon_Color used to be a member of our team. At that time he described the way he created the seashore base, which he used for his mounted High Elf hero. If you want to see how to create such a base – keep reading…

Step one: Preparations

We need to acquire the following marterials:

  • the base (the most important thing ;))
  • cork (even from a bottle of wine)
  • Poxilina (or some other fast-curing putty)
  • glue (doesn’t need to be the one I used, even white glue will do)
  • static grass (or some other kind of grass used for making dioramas)
  • modelling tools

Photo: Rocky Seashore Base - Tutorial

Step two: The rock

Now we’re taking the cork (which can come in different shapes) and model it with a modelling knife to the shape we want for our rock. We tear the edges a bit, to make the rock look even more like a rock.

Our rock can’t cover the whole base, because we want to sculpt some sea waves on it, too. I suggest to make the rock on 3/4 or 3/5 of the base.

We glue the modelled cork to the base.

Photo: Rocky Seashore Base - Tutorial

Step three: The waves

Now we get down to modelling the sea waves. We cut off a 4-5mm thick block of Poxilina, and mix it until the colors blend with each other. We attach it to the part of the base, where we wanted the waves to be, and model it with a dentist’s spatula/ carver or a modelling knife.

Our moves have to be quick and firm. We need to remember that a wave hitting ricks is something undefined. Use your imagination (but don’t exagerate, because there still has to remain some room for the mini ;)). Poxilina is cured after some 10 minutes so you have to hurry and work quickly. 🙂

Photo: Rocky Seashore Base - Tutorial

Step four: Painting

Now that we have everything modelled (and our hands washed after working with this toxic stuff) we can start painting.

I suggest using the following paints for this purpose:

Water: GW (Midnight Blue) – (Midnight Blue + Ice Blue) – (Ice Blue) – (Ice Blue + White) – White

Rock: GW (Bestial Brown) – (Snakebite Leather) – (Vomit Brown) – (Bleached Bone) – (White)

Use drybrushing of course 🙂 But for the waved I would suggest wetbrushing, and a lot of paint. If you feel like wetbrushing the rock, you are free to do it 🙂 I would even recommend it for better effect.

Photo: Rocky Seashore Base - Tutorial

Step five: Finishing touches

So we’re finishing our work. 😀

Now we only need to attach the mini to the base and to sprinkle some grass over the rock.

And don’t paint these patterns because they’re my trademark 😉

Photo: Rocky Seashore Base - Tutorial