Miniature of the month: June 2012

It is getting hotter and hotter and staying at home is almost like a crime 😉
But still 26 Chest of Colors forum members found some time to paint something. I think we can be happy with their results, which can be seen in the collection of Miniature of the Month June collection. What always keeps me amazing about every month’s collections is the variety of the miniatures. Different companies and different styles of painting.

Which one do you like best? Vote and discus it here or at your forum.

Authors say

Now here’s what the authors said about their works:

I think I picked this one up at ReaperCon 2011 (or perhaps earlier), and based and primed it around that time. Then it sat on my desk untouched for many months until sometime this spring when I started on it again. I got close to finishing it, and then it sat again for another month or so. I’ve finally finished it, and will be shipping it down to Reaper soonish.
— pae

Holy smokes it’s been a while since I completed a mini. Longest stretch I’ve had in a long, long while. I painted this one up for a friend and also for a challenge over on the WAMP boards vs. the legendary CofC’s very own Nameless! Of course this thing challenge has really dragged on so I won’t blame Nameless if he’s not so interested anymore. Anyway, here he is.
— ScottRadom

This is the Dwarf Lord I posted in the WIP section: I completed it trying to apply the advice I received. I know I could improve many things on it, anyway I try to improve through various works. I’m not completely satisfied with the cape (especially for the shading), but I will take care of the experience for future red capes
— FiloSganga

Here’s my finished Cryx Slayer. Tried to use some new stuff to me (to make stuff look like it’s glowing, battle damage) though, seems that for a first try it was mostly a fail but at least the mini moves away from the Pile of Shame
— Hellspawn

Miniatures of the month June

Rules and voting

Everybody can vote for 3 miniatures of their choice. There will be one Miniature of the Month (the winner) and up to two honorable mentions. The number of honorable mentions will be reduced if two miniatures tie for the title of the Miniature of the Month, so the maximum number of awarded entries is 3.

OK, so now you should be ready to vote:


The poll is open until the end of July. The results will be posted after the poll is closed and the winner will receive a honorary badge to display in his profile on our miniature painting forum. In case of a tie, the badge will be awarded to the winners. Up to two models will also receive honorary mentions.

We encourage you to comment on this month’s entries, explain your votes or even discuss votes of other users – we’ll be happy to read what you have to say. So don’t be shy and share your opinion with us. Thanks a lot!


UPDATE: No winner this time. Slawol and CTan tied for the first place with equal numbers of votes, Flameon being next. So they all receive honorable mentions but no single entry is awarded the title and badge of the Miniature of June 2012. We wish you all better luck the next time. 🙂

Miniature of the month: December 2011

Blame it on our a.k.a. czlowiek.morze! It was his idea to start this whole Miniature of the Month event and to make it a monthly regular attraction for our miniature painting community. But it would be unfair to pretend we don’t enjoy it…

Now we’re stepping out and inviting you to join the fun!
But let me explain to you what the whole thing is all about…

How it all started

It was in August 2011 that czlowiek.morze proposed a nice pastime for our miniature painting forum members: He would collect all the new paintjobs presented on the forum by its members during the previous month, and we would vote for one of them.

We collect all the new paintjobs presented on the forum by its members during the previous month and vote for the favorite one.

Initially we played with the idea of choosing our favorite miniature of all, including the ones we found elsewhere, like on CoolMiniOrNot or other internet galleries or forums, but eventually we decided to limit it to the works created and posted by our forum members. Also it was them who was allowed to vote for their favorite. Of course comments would be encouraged, because they would explain why one chose a particular miniature.

The first edition featured miniatures posted in July, and then we kept voting for the next few months. We were very curious how different results would be achieved if voting was open to public. We knew they would be different, and so we wanted to see the difference. This is how we reached the point where we are now:

After tinkering with technical issues, we’re ready for the first public voting for the Miniature of the Month here! Why don’t you join the fun and post your vote and comment? 🙂

Miniature of the Month – rules

As you can see, the rules are very few:

You can only vote for one miniature. Choose the one which deserves to be the miniature of the month in your opinion. You can choose one of the miniatures collected by the coordinator, He collects the miniatures posted by the members of our miniature painting community on our forum and creates a list of candidates to the title. In case there is more than one work from the same person, chooses one of them, but if the author prefers to enter a different one – it suffices to contact (czlowiek.morze) on our forum and he will make the adjustment.

We don’t say the voting is for “the best painted miniature of the month” because it doesn’t have to be the best painted one. It just has to be the one that in your opinion deserves the title the most of them all.

Bear in mind we don’t say the voting is for “the best painted miniature of the month” because it doesn’t have to be the best painted one. It just has to be the one that in your opinion deserves the title the most of them all. Maybe because it’s the best paintjob, maybe because the overall effect is so impressive despite some technical shortcomings, maybe because the author did something revolutionary for him, or maybe because the painter made the largest progress of them all during that month.

It’s really up to you, as long as you believe your voting is fair and can explain it. That is why commenting is an important part of the whole fun. Those words of explanation are not only showing the reasons for which you chose that particular model, but often also are a great encouragement and motivation to the author of the model of your choice. So please be so kind to write those few words and explain your choice. It’s not required but always appreciated!

When the voting is over, the winner is announced and receives an award: a honorary badge (or a medal to be more precise) displayed in their profile on our forum. Even if it’s not much, it allows others to see that the person won such a poll already. And well, it’s shiny 😀

UPDATE: Starting with miniature of February 2012 the rules have been changed. Please check the information about the changes to know what changed.

Wanna join?

If you would like to participate to the fullest, why don’t you post your works on our miniature painting forum? The whole event is coordinated by (czlowiek.morze), who will surely notice your works and submit them to the poll for that month. And before your works can be voted for, you can take a look at the miniatures posted to our forum in December.

There were 25 painters who posted new works to the Chest of Colors forum. Here you can see the painted miniatures they posted in December 2011:

If you are a member of our miniature painting community and visit our forum, you may be familiar with most of these painters. You surely have your opinion which miniature deserves the title of the Miniature of the Month for December 2011 the most. And if you don’t, why don’t you spend some time on the forum, getting to know the people there and watching their works. And we hope you’re going to leave your vote in the poll below.

Voting has ended.

We will allow the poll to run a bit longer than we did before, because we are publishing it a bit later, too. We give you two weeks for voting, which means the poll will be closed on February 5th, 2012.

We hope that it’s enough time for you to submit your votes and to leave some comments for our readers and for the authors of entered works. And maybe we will see your works in the poll for January 2012? The next editions will still be coordinated by czlowiek.morze (, so if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our event – feel free to share them on the forum or in the comments below. Thank you!

So it is all for now. Enjoy the pictures and choose wisely. 🙂


UPDATE: The winner for December 2011 is Flameon. Congratulations!