Nocturna Models: Alice – Review

I’m a great fan of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll so it was a great joy for me to see the preview of Nocturna Models‘ Alice a few months ago.

Today I received mine after a long period of waiting for it to be available, due to their page being redone.

So there are two new things about their minis. One of them I think its just marketing, so called HD resin casting, and a brand new steel case.

Alice from Nocturna Models - review (1)


Nocturna Models Alice unpacked

So what do we get for 50 EUR?

Alice from Nocturna Models - review (2)


An 80mm mini with a cool mushroom as a base. The casting is still of great quality with little to none flash or mold lines, there are no bubbles and everything is very clean. 🙂 A big cheer to them!

Alice from Nocturna Models - review (3)


My Nocturna Models Alice arrived with a broken finger. 🙁 It must have happened during transport and maybe due to the mushroom being in the same bag as the rest.

There’s also a small cut in one of the legs, but it is the place the other leg rests on. Every detail is very crisp, even the little lace on the leggings.
There isn’t much filling to do all the pieces fit almost perfect.

The only mold line visible in my mini is on the mushroom.

Alice from Nocturna Models - review (4)


And even here it doesn’t do any harm to the model and will be quite easy to remove. 🙂

I’m very happy with the mini even if the price is a little high in comparison to similar miniatures.


I’ll give Nocturna Models Alice 4 out of 5 Panda paws and will be looking forward for the next Fairy tail girl 😀